17,000 Feet: A Story of Rebirth by Fox Deatry – an adventurous PNW novel

What do you do when you have done all that you can? A heroine in crisis coming to terms with her life’s big questions by taking courage and, finally, taking charge.

DESTINY’S SECOND CHANCE by Kate Vale, a heartwarming women’s fiction novel

Vale has a real talent for drawing characters one wants to get to know, and for understanding the emotional impact of the events that shape our lives. A compelling novel that delicately yet realistically portrays the impact of adoption on all the lives it touches.

BLUE: a novel by Kayce Stevens Hughlett – transcends genres with its complexity of story and psychological suspense

A poignant, inspiring tale of three women psychologically damaged by the events of their lives, who ultimately find their way back to each other.

LADIES in LOW PLACES by Mary Ann Henry, a collection of short stories

Each one of these short stories is an entertaining and poignant read that will linger and leave you wanting more. A wonderful sense of place, authentic voice, and vividly drawn characters make this work a standout collection.

SECRETS, LIES, and CHAMPAGNE HIGHS by Jeanette Hubbard, a cozy mystery

A chicklit novel set in Oregon with quirky characters galore, an abundance of twists, and non-stop hi-jinks.

The VINEYARD by Michael Hurley

Scandal and betrayal juxtapose the idyllic and captivating setting of Martha’s Vineyard in this enigmatic contemporary work.

IN a VERTIGO of SILENCE by Miriam Polli

A grandmother, who immigrated from Poland, on her deathbed reveals a terrible family secret to her granddaughter.

An Editorial Review of “Find Me Again” by Janet K. Shawgo

Can true love conquer death? What happens when those that die have unfinished business? Is it possible for those that leave to help those still here with their unsettled endings? "Find Me Again" is a story about love that dares to do just that. "Find Me Again" is a mystery, conspiracy theory and an amazing love story that crosses generations---all combined into one amazing read.

An Editorial Review of “How to Make a Pot in 14 Easy Lessons” by Nicola Pearson

Pearson has painted in vivid detail the lives of these two characters, as well as the ups and downs of a developing relationship. Her elaborate descriptions of the Pacific Northwest immerse the reader in the beauty of the Skagit Valley countryside. Pearson’s skill in describing the art of pottery making as a metaphor for the unpredictable nature of one’s life is unique and urges the reader to think about the lessons learned by the characters long after finishing the book.

An Editorial Review of “Mother Love” by Susan Colleen Browne

Grainne knows exactly what her perfect man is like, the only problem is, her perfect man is getting married. Set in the Irish village of Ballydara, "Mother Love" is a story of family drama, Irish humor, and healing.