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Audio-Book Creation WORKSHOP with Hindenburg Systems

- SUNDAY. September 6, 2020

Creating audio-books is an easy as A - B - C

Advance Registration is Required. Complete the online form on the right.

Here is a testimonial from Elana Mugdan, OZMA Grand Prize Winner for her Dragon Speaker series:

"I wanted to let you know that since last year, I was able to create my audio-book using Hindenburg. I did it single-handedly, from scratch -- everything from creating a studio setup, to doing all the character voices, to editing the entire 24-hours of recording down to a 15-hour final run-time."

Why you should have audio-books as part of your marketing strategy

  • Audio-books sales have increased by almost 35 percent in 2019.
  • Voice driven devices (Alexa, Ok Google, Siri, etc) are driving audio book sales
  • Hands-Free "reading" demand continues to climb exponentially with our increasingly busy lives.

Now that we have your attention regarding why YOU should be interested in creating your own audio-books using voice talent that is kind to your budget, and your home or office as your recording studio, we invite you to enroll in the Hindenburg Systems Audio-Book Creation Workshop.

Hindenburg Audio Book Creator is for creating audio books. It’s a modern tool for fast end-to-end audio production of DAISY, NLS, EPUB and standard audio books.

The design goal was to develop software that was flexible, efficient and intuitive. So, building on Hindenburg's renowned audio production suite, HABC represents the ideal combination of a highly intuitive interface and a sophisticated audio book production tool.

Import an e-book and read from the screen. A touch-screen can also be used to navigate audio and text.

Create a structure for a book when you have a physical book to read from.

Post-production is done in no time. Levels are automatically set for every recorded take.

Equalisation is automated from a voice profile for the narrator.

Export the book in industry formats. The export formats are dependent on the version of HABC

  • Epub3
  • DAISY 2.02
  • Audio book
  • Audio file

Creating audio books has never been simpler.

The Hindenburg series has built-in features that automate the process of setting levels and creating equalisation. Even publishing the work has been made simple.

Home is where the studio is and if you want to create audio-books, then the Hindenburg series is the tool for you.

Hindenburg makes audio editing fun. Get creative with the easy-to-learn interface and learn how to make professional sounding audio pieces.


Now you can learn from the top experts and technology game changers - Chris Mottes, CEO of Hindenburg Systems and Jonathan Hurley, Team Hindenburg. Jonathan has produced and edited film scores, audio-books, and other audio projects including podcasts.

Now you can learn how to use that same systems and techniques that the U.S. Library of Congress, NPR-SS, Greenpeace, and top universities employ.

  • This workshop is tailored for spoken-word productions and is especially designed for audio-book creation.
  • There are limited seats in this 3-hours plus workshop.
  • Homework will be assigned prior to the workshop and after the workshop.
  • Tutorials sessions and post-workshop consultations are available (at no extra charge).
  • A laptop is required for the workshop.
  • Apple and Windows platforms work equally as well. You can even exchange sessions between the two!

Hindenburg has all the editing tools you need - no need to switch between tools or modes. Cut, copy, paste, replace, insert and other tools give you complete control of your book.

Publishing Your Audio-Book

Export the book in industry formats. The export formats are dependent on the version of HABC

  • Epub3
  • DAISY 2.02
  • Audio book
  • Audio file

New to Audio-Books? Want to Learn More

If you are new to audio-books or just starting to explore it, please consider registering for the 2020 Chanticleer Authors Conference. Introductory sessions and round table discussions will be available. Also, the Hindenburg Workshops are included in the 3-Day and Saturday and Sunday registration fees.

If you are not registering for the Chanticleer Authors Conference, but would like to enroll in the Hindenburg Systems Audio-Book Creation Workshop, you may do so by using the form on the right.


Registration for the Hindenburg Systems Audio-Book Creation Workshop is $75

The workshop is Included with registration for the Chanticleer Authors Conference. Just sign up when registering online.


The 3-hour workshop will be held on SUNDAY, September 6, 2020 at the Hotel Bellwether, Bellingham, Wash. from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

We will email you more information and homework (set-up) upon registration. Registration is required. Seating is limited.


Please email Kiffer at with questions.

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