Everyone knows April showers bring May flowers, and what better way to celebrate the blossoming of the year than by seeking submissions of books intended for young readers. This year we also celebrate the birth of a brand new award. The Dante Rossetti awards for young adult fiction have grown so large, that we had to create the new Gertrude Warner awards for middle grade fiction. Don’t miss our May 31st Deadline!

Dante Rossetti Awards

The Girl and the Clock WOrk Cat - Nikki McCormackThe Dante Rossetti awards have a long and proud tradition of winners. Most recently at our Chanticleer Author Conference Awards Banquet (a Gala event held every year in April) we awarded the 2015 Dante Rossetti Grand Prize to Nikki McCormack, author of The Girl and the Clockwork Cat, a young adult steampunk novel about a feisty teenage thief thrust into a murder mystery involving a clockwork cat. We are so thrilled to award this obviously talented author at the beginning of her, no doubt, successful future in publishing.

Legacy Jesikah SundinLast year, our Dante Rossetti Grand Prize was also handed out to an author at the beginning of a successful dynasty. Jesikah Sundin and her young adult cyberpunk novel Legacy: Biodome Chronicles, Book One. Jesikah not only wrote a compelling story, but also painted a picture that swept us away into this marriage of two worlds: one a “back to basics” group of pioneers living inside an experimental biodome community, and the other a futuristic world world of high tech and computers.

Both of these books are part of a series and we look forward to seeing their book two’s in our future competitions!

Gertrude Warner Awards

This is the first year that we have been running our Gertrude Warner awards, so we do not have any past winners, but we are looking forward to putting Middle Grade novels into their own contest where they can really shine! Manuscripts and Recently Published Books accepted.

Your book could earn a place in our hall of fame for 2016.

All you have to do is enter.

What are the Dante Rossetti & Gertrude Warner Awards?

Dante Rossetti Awards for YA FictionOur Dante Rossetti awards are the Chanticleer Reviews search for the best young adult fiction books of 2016!

We are looking for the best books featuring young adult characters & themes in the categories: Contemporary, SFF & Paranormal, Dystopian, Mystery, Historical, Adventure Romance. We will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

Manuscripts and Recently Published Books (books must be published after Jan. 1, 2013) are accepted into these writing competitions.

gertrude warner awards 2015Our Gertrude Warner awards, named for the famous author of The Box Car Children Series, are the Chanticleer Reviews search for the best middle grade fiction books of 2016!

We are looking for the best books featuring young characters & stories appealing to the middle grade audience in the categories: Contemporary, SFF & Paranormal, Mystery, Historical, Adventure. We will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

Our Chanticleer Review Writing Contests feature more than $30,000.00 worth of cash and prizes each year! 

~$1000 Overall Grand Prize Winner
~$2800 in Genre Grand Prizes
~$28,980 in reviews, prizes, and promotional opportunities awarded to Category Winners