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Chanticleer Editorial Services

We offer top-level editorial services for fiction books and narrative non-fiction works.

Chanticleer's editors have worked and are working for top publishers in the United States and in the United Kingdom such as Macmillan, Hachette, Thomas Mercer, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, TOR, Titan U.K., etc., and award-winning independent presses.

Our editors are experts in The Chicago Manual of Style, the style guide for "the trade" book publishing. Our mandate at Chanticleer Reviews has always been (and will continue) to provide thoughtful, insightful, and constructive feedback to authors whether the feedback is in the form of an editorial review, manuscript evaluations, or editorial services.

Authors and publishers have access to our Editorial Coordinators to plan rounds of editing, discuss the next steps in the editorial process, pinpoint any issues to be addressed with the work, and set goals for the title.

We also have continuity editors on board to assist with serializing your work.

World-building and Story-bible experts are also on the Chanticleer Editorial Team to increase your writing productivity.

And when you ready to publish, we can help connect you and your work with vetted interior designers & formatting experts, cover design, and selling platforms. You remain in control of your work and your author career.

Welcome to the Chanticleer Family where we help authors achieve their publishing goals.

Editorial Flow of a Work

Manuscript Evaluation / Manuscript Overview An MOV will save you money in your editorial budget. It is a trade and true traditional publishing tool that authors can use to propel their writing careers.

This step comes before any editing. The MOV will give the author constructive "big picture" feedback for storyline, plotting, pacing, characterizations, and dialogue assessment. The fee for this service is about .006 cents per word or on average about $600 for a 100,000 word manuscript.

To read more about the MOV process, please visit this link on the Chanticleer website: https://www.chantireviews.com/services/Manuscript-Overview-p18947254

At this point, many authors who have had an MOV performed on their work and then addressed any suggestions, have a Manuscript Reconciliation performed. This acts as a double-check to see if all the points were addressed before moving on to a Line Edit or Developmental Edit. Our Editorial Coordinator can discuss with you about whether or not it is advised that the work needs more development.

Line Edit

If your story still has developmental issues (dialogue, plotting, character development, etc.), your work would benefit from a Line Edit. Line Editing is a line-by-line edit to make sure that each sentence pushes the story forward and creates just the right amount of pacing and tension. Each and every word should count!

Line Editing is $.04 (four cents) per word not counting front matter.

Line Edit Review is a final check that all issues and concerns have been addressed by the author and that new problems have not been created in the reworking of the manuscript.

Line Edit Review (available only for works that we have line edited). The Line Edit Review is .01 per word.

Copy Edit

Style Sheet Generation

We highly suggest that you have a Style Sheet Guide created that is the basis of your story-bible. A Style Sheet Guide will ensure that your characters' names, place names, conventions (examples are: Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas or blond or blonde or using kilometers instead of miles), jargon, pet names, time frame, and more -- the attention to detail that will set your work apart from the fray.

The Style Sheet Generation Fee is one cent per word not including front matter.

Copy Edit

After reworking the manuscript and addressing the editor's suggestions, then the work should be ready for a Copy Edit with an editor with fresh eyes.

Copyediting is a mechanical edit. It focuses on grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, continuity errors, and timeline errors.

If a Style Sheet has been generated, then the manuscript will be edited using it to ensure consistency.

Copyediting fees are $.02 (two cents per word -- not including front matter).

Proof Read

A proof read with a third set of fresh eyes is the final reading to catch the inevitable typos and glitches.

If a Style Sheet was generated prior to the copy edit, then it will be used in the final proofing of the work.

Proofing comes before formatting. Formatting is determined by the publishing platform.

Final Proofing is one cent per word not including front matter.

How Do I Begin the Editorial Process?

First, register for a telephone consultation with our Editorial Coordinator and upload your work in a WORD document file with the fee payment. She will then email you to schedule the best time for your telephone consultation. Meanwhile, she will evaluate your uploaded files so she can discuss it you to determine the best editorial process for your work.

Once you both have come to an agreement on the editorial services, we will schedule your work -- our editors are in high demand and we are extremely selective, so scheduling is a must!

Once your work is scheduled, we will invoice you with several options of how to pay including Paypal's six months same as cash, along with check payments, STRIPE, credit cards, and vouchers and gift certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Front Matter"? Front matter are the first few pages of the book that incorporates who the publisher is, ISBNs or ASINs, Library of Congress Information, date of publication, copyright info, etc. Front matter is not considered to be part of the narrative of the story. Preludes and Epilogues are not considered to be "Front Matter," and are part of the book's narrative.

Does the editor make the corrections or the edits? No, it is always up to the author to make any changes to the manuscript. The editor points out issues or concerns and makes suggestions to the author for consideration. The author decides how to address the issues or concerns or whether or not to incorporate the suggestions from the line editor or copy editor. Of course, when proofing a work the proofreader will make corrections to any typos and will adhere to the work's Style Sheet guidelines.

How does all this happen? We suggest that you submit your work in a WORD document for editing.WORD allows the author to track suggestions, concerns, or issues throughout the document made by the editor and then tracks how these were dealt with by you, the author.

Our editorial coordinators will discuss with you about how WORD tracking works if you are unfamiliar with it. It is a simple and accurate system that is used throughout the publishing industry and by editors.

How should I format my manuscript before submitting it?

  • Font: 12-point Times New Roman, black type
  • Margins: 1” all around
  • Spacing: double
  • Page numbers: bottom of page, centered
  • Paragraph indenting 0.5”, formatted automatically instead of created manually with tabs
  • Name and working title on each page

If you have questions, please email us bookeditor@chantireviews.com.

We look forward to working with you.

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