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Our professional manuscript evaluators will read your work in its entirety and then write an objective and informative general overview of 2,500 words to ??? (we've had some come in at 8,000 words) for works under 110,000 words (overview word count will increase relative to document word count) that will address the following:

  • compelling nature of story
  • dialogue
  • character development
  • does the scenery and setting work with the story
  • backstory issues
  • professionalism of editing & formatting
  • continuity of storyline
  • plotting and plot-hole issues
  • writing craft
  • etc. (please see the manuscript overview web page for more detailed information)


I’m incredibly appreciative of the many positive and helpful things the reviewer had to say in the manuscript overview. The feedback is terrific and more comprehensive than any other I’ve received. Many thanks, again! Brian L.

All of her suggestions were right and I hope to make them to the best of my ability. It’s like taking a powerful and quick course in advanced writing. Please thank her for me….Working with someone of her caliber takes my writing to another level. – L.V.

Please thank the editor for her insightful and pinpoint comments as to how I can make the book better. They were very good and I’ve already incorporated many into the manuscript. –D.S.

A professional manuscript overview is a critical service that every self-publishing author should have performed on her work before beginning the publishing process. Isn't your manuscript worth it?

If you would like to read about more information concerning our manuscript overview service, please click on the following links:

What is a Manuscript Overview: It is an objective evaluation of a story idea that is fully formed with a beginning, middle, and end, but still in an early draft stage. The MO comes before LINE EDITING and COPY EDITING.

The manuscript overview saves the author time and energy, and if the author is self-published, then money in editing fees.

Get objective, honest, and brutal feedback from one of Chanticleer’s top editors who edit for New York Times and Amazon best-selling authors.
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