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cbr-500x489Not too long ago, the average number of books published in the English language was about 300,000 annually ( pre – 2009). Today, readers now have over two million new titles a year vying for their attention. Being an excellent writer is no longer enough to be successful in today’s publishing universe. Chanticleer Book Reviews was founded to discover the best books and then help them to gain visibility in today’s highly competitive publishing market.

Our Mission is two-part:

  • Discover Today’s Best Books through Editorial Book Reviews and Writing Competitions 
  • Help the authors of these books achieve their publishing goals

We do this with REVIEWS that get RESULTS and writing competitions that discover the best works! 

Chanticleer Reviews was founded in 2011 as a response to the growing need for a company invested in the success of authors, whether they were independently or traditionally published. Today’s authors are independent entrepreneurs–even if they are represented by a publisher–and it is crucial they become proactive in their own success. Chanticleer offers an array of services and tools to authors, which can help authors achieve their publishing goals.

Chanticleer’s Tools & Services for Authors:

The Chanticleer Team

Kiffer Brown, President & Founder

Kiffer Brown in Dresden

Game Changer & Marketing Guru

Kiffer works with authors and publishers to think creatively about how to generate visibility and competitive differentiation in today’s publishing market of two million new titles launching per year.

CEO and founder of Chanticleer Reviews and International Writing Competitions, where today’s Best Books are Discovered, Kiffer Brown has been involved in publishing, marketing, sales, and PR for 30 years. Kiffer has long been known for her uncanny ability to predict future trends and pick out IP gems.

Kiffer Brown works with authors across the globe by using her marketing and PR talents to help them broaden their audiences and assisting publishers on how to increase sales by thinking of new ways to use their branding to expand market-share.

She is also the co-founder partner in SillanPaceBrown Publishing + Production LLC, which specializes in curating books with the potential to become fully actualized intellectual properties.

Member and Affiliate of Alliance of Independent Authors, IBPA, Where Writers Win, Sisters In Crime, RWA, PNWA,  Historic Writers of America, Historic Novel Society, Western Writers of America, PNWA, and others. Kiffer has presented at Writer’s Digest NYC, RWA Nat’l, PNWA, ECWC, Pubsense, Left Coast Crime Scene, Historical Novel Society conferences, Indie Polooza Houston, Bublish Webinars, BEA UpubU, and others including the annual Chanticleer Authors Conference. She has served as a volunteer, committee chair, president, and board member for numerous non-profits including the Junior League, and she is a board member of Western Washington University’s Publishing Program.
email: kbrown@chantireviews.com

Andy Brown, CTO

AndyChief Technical Officer and business development. Andy Brown is the man behind the woman. Husband of Chanticleer Reviews president Kiffer Brown, he has a long history of successful business ventures and top notch programming skills. He brings his business acumen and decades of experience with computers and websites to Chanticleer Book Reviews, the perfect balance to Kiffer’s creative energy, helping to keep the business on track and provide both moral support and tech support. 



Sharon E. Anderson – Chief Editor – Reviews

Our Chief Review Editor is award-winning author, Sharon E. Anderson. Creating and editing content – as well as editing/writing reviews – and outreach are just a few skills she brings to the table. An SPU graduate in Clothing Design and Textiles – something she barely uses in her day-to-day life – Sharon brings her textile know-how into her stories as often as possible. In her spare time, she serves as President of the Skagit Valley Writers League where she promotes authors, engages speakers, leads workshops, and more. She writes dark comedy, horror, short stories, articles, and essays whenever she gets the chance from her home in the Skagit Valley where she lives with her husband, two children, two dogs, a couple of cats, and a sketchy Guinea pig. Working with Chanticleer is like playing every day!
Contact: editor@chantireviews.com

About Our Editors

The CBR editorial team members are impartial editors, selected for their expertise in related genres and are known for their unbiased, objective, and knowledgeable reviews. All of our editors are based in the U.S. or Canada. They consistently maintain open-mindedness to today’s emergent ideas, talent, and creativity in the field of literature, media and publishing while holding to the time-honored traditions readers have come to appreciate and expect.

Many of our editors, reviewers, and slush readers are not listed here. They are skilled and hardworking individuals, and a vital part of our business. We are proud to support these professionals and contribute to their livelihood.

Senior Editors

Our senior editors head up our Chanticleer editorial services. They have worked for large publishing houses and best selling authors, bringing a vast wealth of skill and experience to our team.

  • S.J. Stanton – 35 years as a writer, reviewer, editor, proofreader, indexer, and translator and specialist for International agencies. APA Style, MLA Style, Chicago Style, Oxford Guide, and AP Stylebook.
  • K. Hess – Senior editor consultant for top publishers and best-selling authors specializing in Line Editing, Developmental Editing, and series development.
  • Ginny H. – Senior Copy Editor with more than 20 years of experience with top traditional publishers. Considered one of the top copy editors in the U.S. Experienced in Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Handbook, APA Style, and Oxford Guide.
  • Irene R. Queen Grammarian – “Would you care to have that sentence diagrammed? And would you prefer BSE or ASE?”  

Our Administrative & Support Team

Rochelle Perry

rochelle-glam1.jpgRochelle Parry has been designing and developing web sites since 1997 and printed materials since the 1980s. She has designed and produced high-end photography-focused books. At Chanticleer she has done graphic design and website work, currently she is producing the Chanticleer Reviews Magazine. You can see some of her work at www.megabite.com

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