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JOURNEY 2017 Book Awards for Narrative Non-Fiction – The SHORT LIST

We are pleased to announce the JOURNEY Awards Official Short-List (Semi-Finalists) for 2017 for Narrative Non-fiction. Congratulations to the JOURNEY AWARDS 2017 SHORT LISTERS.

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JEHOVAH: A NOVEL by James Patrick Weber – Thriller/Suspense, Police Procedural

A killer is on the loose in Austin, Texas, one who brings down Old Testament-style justice onto the criminal elements of the city. Highly intellectual and thrillingly captivating, Jim Weber delivers a hard-boiled crime thriller, a page-turning masterpiece of the first order.

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Writing craft methods and tricks of the trade are shared by Jacquie Rogers, award winning Western fiction author, in this informative blogpost. Her books are known for being smart and sassy with a nod to Shakespearean comedies.

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