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  • What are your next moves?

A QUICK GUIDE to PUBLISHING LESSONS that YOU NEED NOW by Sharon Anderson & Kiffer Brown

Yes, there are things an author can do to ensure that her book has the best chances for publishing success. It may feel overwhelming when you start, but when the connections and preparations start compounding and spreading, it can be life—and career—changing.

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JOURNEY Book Awards for Narrative Non-Fiction – 2017 Slush Pile Survivors

The first rounds of judging for the 2017 Journey Book Awards for Narrative Non-fiction are complete. These are the titles and their writers who made it passed the first two rounds aka known as the SLUSHING! Congratulations!

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  • Pulpwood Queens

KATHY MURPHY the PULPWOOD QUEEN is Coming to Bellingham, Wash!

A very special weekend with Kathy L. Murphy, the Pulpwood QUEEN herself here in Bellingham, Wash. - the Chanticleer Reviews headquarters. The weekend will feature her exclusive workshop where she will share her secrets of success. All aspects of publicity will be covered.

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