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Blog: Marketing Tips & Tools

Chanticleer Author Marketing Primer: Hashtag How-To

Hashtags are a fairly simple concept, an effort to index categories among posts, but for the newcomer to social media they can be intimidating. Even those who know about hashtags may not be aware of the intricate ways to maximize their benefits.

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Gift Ideas for Writers from Chanticleer Reviews (and a special holiday discount!)

It's that time of year, the annual dilemma of what gift to get your favorite author...or the annual dilemma of how to suggest to your family and friends what author-ly gifts you really want this year. Or maybe you are looking for something special to gift yourself this year? We [...]

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Author Conference News

Spotlight on: Diane Garland, Continuity Editor and CAC17 Speaker

Have you even written a story and halfway through your protagonists eye change from green to brown? Unless you are writing a fantasy with metamorphic characters, that is generally not supposed to happen. But how do you keep track of all those niggly details, especially in a multiple book series? Meet [...]

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