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INSYNNIUM by Tim Cole – Science Fiction, Dark Humor, Time Travel

2020-11-16T18:20:22-08:00By |

The dramatic premise explored in a new novel, Insynnium, is a wild, immersive leap into a world-changing (but fictional) drug. In other hands, what could be a dystopian thriller goes one step further in author Tim Cole’s capable hands. He focuses on the humans who first discover and use the drug and weaves his story with a devilish charm. This is somewhat Bill Murray/“Groundhog Day” territory, a film exploring one man’s reliving a day in his life over and over until he learned new behaviors, new skills and came out of it a better man. Unlike “Groundhog,” Max McVista takes multiple doses of the drug against all advice, then somehow expands time itself in what he calls an “AUE” or “Alternative Universe Experience,” enabling him to spend months and sometimes years becoming or experiencing whatever he wishes. When returning real-time, he’s only missed a day or two. (For E=MC squared fans, it’s basically reverse engineering of Einsteinian physics.) For a man with few basic skills, a drunk who all but abandons his wife and sons, he returns to his family with outsized skills as a musician, entrepreneur, carpenter, medical savant, pilot. Skills he could not have learned in any traditional manner. He lies about how he learned everything, tracing it back to an accident, choosing to bury his drug-induced years of time-traveling across the world, spending concentrated periods exploring whatever he fancies with no time “penalty” in the real world. Of course, it’s not all happy stories [...]

ASCENSION – KELAHYA UNBOUND by V. & D. Povall – Space Opera, Science Fiction, Epic Fantasy

2020-10-11T17:10:34-07:00By |

Welcome to a brave new world with weird and wonderful beings, unique destinations, strong characters, and a good feel for life at the top of a galactic empire with a remarkable level of detail, very much in the spirit of Isaac Asimov’s famed Foundation trilogy. The first Space Opera from the creative-duo of V & D Povall, and one that's sure to be a hit. Highly recommended!