Breaking the mold of modern literature, this novel offers us all a glimpse into the unique world of lead singers and understudies and what it takes to make it to the top in a competitive field. If you enjoy "Mozart in the Jungle," this novel is for you!

"A tale of ancient kingdoms, of love promised and lost, heralded victory and hopeless defeat, -- a historical novel of Ancient Greece.

Chocked-full of southern antebellum society, fiery tempers, and tender love, Jay Curry presents a fascinating account of his ancestor’s life--a story of passion, murder and revenge.

A fresh twisty regency plot, romantic intrigue and closes brushes with clandestine disasters --- a classy and scandalous entertaining read!

A hauntingly beautiful musically steeped mystery masterpiece conjures an old demon when one composer claims the score as his own.

“Adventurers Be Warned! Creepy crawlies and fantastical creatures ahead in this spine-tingling adventure for middle-grade readers that will open their minds and feed their imaginations.

Honey Beaulieu’s heart is as big as Fry Pan Gulch and just when she’s ready to nab a bad guy, Mama’s in jail again! A fast-paced, rip-roaring, rootin’ tootin’ Western for any adult who’s aiming for fun.

“A master tactician and student of war, Kachel brings history to life - upfront and personal- an engaging foray into the chaotic aftermath of Alexander the Great.”

It’s “Trainspotting” meets “Brazil” in this darkly comic romp that takes its hero from a “nanny state” to full-blown anarchy - a literary word salad.

Who knew insect infestations could lead to murder? But they do - especially if you're Damon Lassard - amateur sleuth - with plenty of time on his hands to figure it all out. This cozy mystery will have you in stitches!

A captivating historical military story that blends genres-crosses through time & space - an intriguing story & well orchestrated action sequences.

This author has the keen knack of slyly tucking in clues so that they slip past, then pop up later - a joy for mystery readers!

Cinematically enthralling and historically compelling, Glen Craney’s "The Spider and the Stone" is a must read for lovers of James Douglas, the fight for Scottish Independence, Braveheart, or Robert the Bruce.

The Bad Vampires strike again, but this time our Good Vampires have a secret weapon to make Ghost Toasties the much anticipated and hilarious fourth book in Karl Larew’s Good Vampire trilogy.

A fascinating story that masterfully merges age-old spiritual questions with the latest in modern medicine. A thought-provoking, top-of-the-line read.

A tale of self-discovery, personal growth, romance, family ties, loyalty a stunning portrayal set in 1806 Ohio - a gripping tale of survival young women orphaned.

Rich in detail and exceptional in development, A River Divides is Michael Roueche’s second novel focused on a few characters whose lives are inextricably challenged and changed by the political upheaval of the Civil War.

The author makes us question in 'what' do we trust, who do we trust, and why. A story of a lost boy, a betrayed boy, that is relevant for the times in which we live. 

Sati and the Rider is a fast-paced, fun read – it’s all in the cards!

When heinous murders tarnish 1899 St. Louis, who are you going to call? None other than Inquiry Agent, Herbert Falken!