Twists and turns a plenty will make any cozy fan enjoy this easy read, and enough descriptions of the bucolic village landscape and teas to make any one who loves all things British happy. A second Ellie Kent Mystery is promised sometime this year.

One woman clandestinely practices her art, risking not only her reputation but her life, in pre-renaissance Italy. Spellbinding and transporting. A must read!

An engaging story that aptly weaves in plenty of historical information about the Old West and back East. Thought-provoking!

Five run-away grannies prove that dreams are worth pursuing, life is worth celebrating, and you’re never too old for true love in Jessica H. Stone’s engagingly fun and poignant tale of women pursuing their hopes and dreams.

Love once lost is not always easy to regain, even when the couple in question are like peas and carrots. Memorable characters, shimmering and confident prose, and realistic dialogue are portrayed in this stellar contemporary romance of mid-life star-crossed lovers seeking a second chance.

A School of Magic YA novel that is fast-paced, good humored, beautifully penned, with engaging characters. Very smart!

Something stinks in the Spanish Port of Vigo, and one investigator dives in to uncover the dirty underbelly of the drug cartels and their links to well-known international terrorist cells. The threat has become a reality; the world is in danger.

The wide ensnaring net of the aftershocks of war is poignantly portrayed here -- powerful and deeply affecting!

Memories are at the heart of this fascinating detective thriller when memories can be bought and sold like regular commodities. Thought provoking and entertaining!

Dramatically constructed and terrifyingly realistic. This candid memoir is a cry for greater outreach to those who serve in auxiliary roles in times of warfare, who are forced to see and deal with its most horrific effects without acknowledgement.

An entertaining and plausible read for those who are fans of sailing, cyber thrillers, and for those who simply enjoy a good whodunit mystery.

A finely crafted thriller that brims with meticulous precision and mystery. A thinking person's psychological thriller - twists & turns,worthy opponents, conspiracies & deceptions abound--exquisitely intriguing.

Indiana Jones has some serious competition from Angélica García, a fiery redhead who is a smart, lovely, resourceful, snake-wrangling, and machete-wielding machine…and that’s all before lunch.

A captivating and steamy read, Jaytanie delivers the goods in the second book of the Winters series, making Payton’s Pursuit a winner for romance enthusiasts.

Down a contemporary rabbit hole, on a playful romp through Seattle, a middle-aged statistician and her friends seem to find everything—except, perhaps, love. An escapist fun read for a serious world.

Realistic teen life plus a hefty dose of magic realism equals a mighty fine read! Gretchen Wing's "The Flying Burgowski" will lift you above it all and satisfy your longing for a really good YA book.

Utopia is at hand when science and spirituality merge. But can such a state be ethically obtained when proof allies with deception in the name of science? Discover for yourself in David John Jaeger's "Astrologer’s Proof."

An important memoir that serves to bridge a gap between people of all shapes and sizes. An honest and courageous chronology of a life that truly deserves to be called extraordinary.

A profound work of historical fiction recounting the Norwegian Resistance to the Nazi Occupation. A testimonial to the underground heroes who put aside personal safety for a cause much bigger than themselves. Their courage is acknowledged in this superbly gripping novel.  

A brilliantly dark and satisfying read - unique imagery and a breathtaking plot.