If you like courtroom battles, this legal thriller fits the bill!

A fast-paced, romantic adventure with sizzle to spare and a friendship to resurrect.

Informative, heartbreaking and heartwarming! A coffee table book with a clear identity and compassionate purpose.

A vivid tale of a time and place when the country was new to some and home to others. Taken from original source materials, this story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

We would like to wish all mothers, mothers-to-be, stand-in mothers, and those who possess the mothering instinct, a very Happy Mother's Day! 

Powerful storytelling from a master storyteller! Jaimie Ford breathes to life a little-known piece of Seattle history spanning the early to the mid 21st century.

In a world where love doesn’t conquer all but comes pretty darn close, Kaylin McFarren delivers a sexy and riveting time travel story that delivers a deliciously twisted sci-fi mystery with plenty of danger and romance!

For anyone who’s ever fought a battle and held onto the promise of hope, here is a heartfelt story of a boy whose endless desire for Christmas changes not only him but his entire world. This story has the makings to be a seasonal classic!

One man stands up for another in a seemingly impossible defense, and the fallout threatens to unravel his life. Is justice worth a second look? Find out in Carl Roberts gripping legal procedural, The Trial of Connor Padget.

A multi-layered Y/A novel that will lead readers from a murder mystery in an alluring land to a revelation with a supernatural catalyst; here’s a first in series that will keep readers turning the pages until the very end.

An enchanting middle-grade novel perfect for young fans of fantasy looking for their next adventure.

Indiana Jones meets The Matrix in this sci-fi thriller where the past and present collide in an explosion of history and intrigue.

When an afternoon of outdoor adventure turns dangerous, Sierra the rescue dog saves the day - and her handler!

In a city with a justice system that has a seedy underbelly, where dirty cops and inefficient courts run ramped, the only good ending may be the justice you make for yourself.

What if corporeal death of our bodies is really not that big of a deal? What if we are truly more than the sum of our parts? A brilliantly solid piece of writing that will have readers pondering the meaning of life long after the last page is read.

A disturbing look into what those who should know better, choose to do to society's most vulnerable.

Two sisters soon realize their aging alcoholic mother has secrets of the worst kind - none of which are trivial or easily solved. And as the mystery deepens, things only get worse, until there’s no way out.

A cleverly constructed Christian Mystery wrapped in romance, coated in spiritual longing, with a would-be priest and a serial killer at its core.

A smart and winning mystery with small-town heart and big city edge filled with unexpected excitement and a touch of humor. Lillian Dove is a likable, smart-as-a-whip heroine!

There are so many hopefuls gearing up for the United States 2020 election, what’s one more? Meet Lloyd Bruce Miller, a.k.a. Harold the Madman, as he takes you through his bid for the 2020 Presidency.