Imagine being transported back in time only to discover your enemy is already there! Discover what one military unit does to combat an already ferocious foe in a land that will become something other than the history they left behind. Recommended!

A literary novel with grit, determination, and resilience. One of our favorites!

Far beyond a typical cloak-and-dagger rendering, Clausen weaves a subtle, yet palpable essence of evil lurking in the shadows of this double-edged story.

Not just a sweet deer with a fantastic story, Blossom is the subject for the Nat'l Geographic NATURE documentary and was also featured in National Geographic's Nature presentation "The Private Lives of Deer." A beautiful memoir of healing and hope wrapped up in the story of how one helpless fawn found both.

In a world where computers are sentient beings that design their own upgrades, who is really in charge? A Sci-fi novel with exceptional world building and age-old questions. Recommended!

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, you will love The Accountant’s Apprentice! Solid storytelling with charismatic appeal!

Terrifying reality awaits those who get everything they want. A Medical Thriller for today’s audiences.

When justice comes, will you be ready? The fourth in a series, this racially-charged murder mystery plays out in a fictional town in the very real South.

A rewarding, coming-of-age novel set in the summer of 1969, where one girl discovers what it means to accept herself and those around her. Dynamic and powerful.

Call to Adventure! Only those who are thirsty for seafaring battles and a hunt for ancient treasure need apply. A solid first-in-series for all ages that is impossible to put down!

Set in the early 19th century when trains are new and steamboats rule, here is a story of racism, slavery, and the chance two souls have to change their world.

Sherlock Holmes’ enthusiast, Elizabeth Crowens, spins a wild tale riddled with glimpses of stories and themes from the early 20th century. Sure to be a new favorite for Sherlock Holmes’ aficionados!

A charming tale of the love one little girl has for her stuffed toy dog, and how that toy loves her back. High marks!

A full-on thrill-fest for Middle-Grade readers and those brave enough to dive in! Brainwashed is packed full of wit, non-stop action, espionage, and thrills – a first-in-series that scores.

An endless feast for those ever hungry for words, words, and more words! Here’s a book that overflows with wit, wisdom, humor, and an infectious love of spoken and written words and phrases.

A refreshingly direct self-help book advocating for Women’s Health surrounding alcohol addiction from someone who has walked the walk and aptly qualified to talk the talk. Recommended. 5 stars

If you like courtroom battles, this legal thriller fits the bill!

A fast-paced, romantic adventure with sizzle to spare and a friendship to resurrect.

Informative, heartbreaking and heartwarming! A coffee table book with a clear identity and compassionate purpose.

A vivid tale of a time and place when the country was new to some and home to others. Taken from original source materials, this story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.