This is a story that breaks through the barriers of race and challenges tradition and social mores for love. A Romeo and Juliet love story set during WWII on Chappaquiddick Island.

A hilarious, fast-paced sexy cozy mystery with a believable lead and a gripping plot. Sassy, smart, and FUNNY!

A fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure on the high seas for middle-grade audiences and all those who seek #pirates, #underdogs, #truelove and #Neanderthals!

Set against the backdrop of the Black Plague, one woman of note risks everything to follow her calling and find her true love.

Evocative and brilliant historical fiction shines a light on how the ordinary informs the extraordinary in Medieval Cyprus.

The sweeping Roxton Family Saga continues with an unlikely love, a reckoning of honor, and plenty to prove. Historical Fiction with a heart and soul.

Not your ordinary Victorian debutante novel! With colorful foils and red herrings coming in every shape, size, sex, and demeanor imaginable, get ready for a thrilling ride.

This fun, fast-paced cozy reveals what happens when the witty and charming Mr. Darcy springs to life as an A.I. But, is he more than his two developers can handle?

In this well-crafted book, the amalgam of speculative fiction with a hint of gothic eeriness works very well. Y/A Science Fiction at its finest – a wildly engaging adventure for all ages.

Sci-Fi at its mind-bending best as a murderous sociopath seeks revenge while a hole is ripped in the space-time continuum. Who can set the world to rights? Fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams will enjoy this quirky and entertaining series.

A wonderfully empowering book for young adults, especially young women, and fans of fantasy and historical fiction who will want to add Oak’s brand of lore to their must-read lists. It's good news that this is the first book in a series.

Bonnie Frattori's hijinx land her and her marriage in peril as she tries to dig up dirt on the wrong neighbor. Cozy Mystery fans unite for a thrilling, suspenseful ride with a heroine who has a penchant for designer shoes and trouble!

Make room on your bookshelf next to Nancy Drew! Here comes a new series perfect for today’s young mystery fan. Samantha Wolf tackles ghosts, vandals, and a creepy sense that someone or something is watching her every move!

Lee Carruthers will tantalize and dazzle, just before she knocks the crap out of you. Exciting, intelligent and brilliantly delivered political thriller!

A light-hearted amusing children’s tale complete with damsels in distress and a boy-knight destined to save the world from doom. Bane has done it again!

Hopkins painfully honest experience in a dark and sometimes violent sub-culture drives his passion to help others discover and honor their true selves in his inspiring memoir.

A poignant, evocative, and unrelentingly realistic story of a doctor's dedication, its rewards, and its potential toll. This could be one of the most important books that you could read in 2018.

A beautifully illustrated story about unlikely friendship and good neighbors for the very young and old alike. A joy to experience!

Hope, healing, and devotion amidst grief, disappointment and loss elevates this memoir into a comforting, compassionate spiritual journey.

Be ready for an intelligent and frightening ride, as familiar characters come close and personal in this third installment of John D. Trudel’s heart-stopping, political thriller.