Warm and lively Y/A Southern Gothic packed full of Southern charm, ghosts, and well-kept family secrets. Recommended!

With a private eye's keen attention to detail and a detective's internal ticking clock, Pamela Beason is a maestro at delivering mysteries that will keep you guessing and turning the pages.

An award-winning space opera that's sure to gather a dedicated audience. One of our favorites! Recommended!

Jacquie Rogers will have your sides splitting with laughter in this third in series old-timey, sexy western with a whole lot of sass and a ton of spitfire novel. Honey Beaulieu always gets her man, dead or alive. Recommended!

A detailed and lively account of the ancient and most influential of kings, David, his life and loves, written for today's audiences. Recommended.

Mr. and Mrs. James Moriarty are at it again, only this time the danger is real and more than one life is at stake. Recommended.

Much in the style of Sam Clemmons, Ball brings us tales of an American life ripe with adventure, passion and ingenuity. Recommended.

What happens when one man with good intentions delves into the underbelly of online terrorism, and what he has to do to climb out. A thriller author to follow! Recommended.

An exquisitely written English tale set for Yuletide cheer. A book to curl up with during the holidays. Highly recommended.

A well-paced romantic mystery that sizzles with love and suspense. This third novel in the Inspector & Henrietta series will have readers begging for more! Highly recommended.

A fabulously fun romance novel that hits high marks and is destined to be a favorite among readers of the genre. Well done and recommended!

Up-to-date financial advice you can’t afford to miss by one of the top U.S. Financial Advisors! Recommended.

A vivid and well-crafted story of one man's journey through the landscape of war and its catastrophic aftermath. Highly recommended.

A rich, romantic story of how beauty comes from brokenness, set against a tapestry of all those who have found hope and healing at Ladywell. Highly Recommended.

Readers who love the epic sweep of Lawrence of Arabia will find themselves immersed in that bygone era as seen through the eyes of a man who met everyone and experienced it all. Recommended.

A daring and intense memoir about the horrors of what happens when corruption infiltrates the highest levels of a governing body. Something we should all pay attention to and be outraged by. Highly recommended.

A captivating tale of Industrial greed and Conservation set against a thrilling backdrop of primeval forest, violence, and sex, and one misstep may very well cost you your life. Recommended.”

The much-anticipated second installment of the Shadow Sword Series that delivers Epic Fantasy like none other. A treat for all who love their fantasy novels thick and multi-faceted. Highly recommended.

Every family has its secrets, only some are more deadly than others.

Old documents, newspapers, diaries, and family lore inform and illuminate a vibrant and fascinating history of a small town in the Pacific Northwest - Acme, in the County of Whatcom, tucked in the South Fork of the Nooksack River. Recommended.