Masterfully written and well-conceived,"The Boy Who Wanted Wings" soars through the stratosphere in this historical fiction covering the siege of Vienna in the late 17th century. An excellent novel with staying power.

Fresh and frisky - a rollicking good time with truth wizard and coroner's assistant, Charmaine, on her investigations in a small pacific northwest town.

A captivating lesson in power, greed, and what a man will do for love - a sweeping epic of San Fransico's emergence from a gold rush down to one of the world's most spectacular cities.

Delightfully quirky, fun and surprising with zany capers and felonious grannies! Prepare to have your funny bone tickled!

Written with verve and emotion that conveys the mystical beauty of the North African Muslim culture - an important read!

Superb writing styles blend with ease in The Red Wheelbarrow Writers' first anthology of non-fiction titles. This anthology will capture your heart and expand your soul. 

Captivating from the get-go, Chasing Victory will tantalize romance and thriller aficionados into lining up for more of Joanne Jaytanie’s The Winters Sisters series.

Don't lose your head-even if someone or something tries to take it! This thriller will have you looking over your shoulder and checking your spacesuit for lacerations--even if you're not wearing one!

High suspense and flashes of horror beckon American Gothic readers -- a stunning success.

“Magic and intrigue throw Lily Coltrane’s world all kinds of upside-down when she discovers she isn’t who she thought she was.

Being eighteen-years-old can suck. Take heart readers, it's not as if you're eighteen and destined to turn into a monstrous beast like Isis -- a suspenseful YA read with quick-witted banter.

In a gripping tale that blends historical fact and scientific speculation, the hero of "The Gravitational Leap" must risk all to end the desperation of a failing civilization and spark the chance for a global reawakening.

A welcome addition to the female detective mystery/thriller genre steeped in exotic locales, alluring hints of romance, bullets flying, people disappearing, and just enough humor to wrap it all together for the perfect read.

When you're battling demons and dating an angel, love and understanding aren't always enough - but it's certainly makes for an exciting ride - in this latest novel from Lisa Voisin!

A Salvador Dali slasher paranormal mystery on steroids - a literary horror work.

An expose' of the challenging and graphically violent situations that are reflections of his day-to-day experiences of his thirty year career as a city police officer.

Breaking the mold of modern literature, this novel offers us all a glimpse into the unique world of lead singers and understudies and what it takes to make it to the top in a competitive field. If you enjoy "Mozart in the Jungle," this novel is for you!

"A tale of ancient kingdoms, of love promised and lost, heralded victory and hopeless defeat, -- a historical novel of Ancient Greece.

Chocked-full of southern antebellum society, fiery tempers, and tender love, Jay Curry presents a fascinating account of his ancestor’s life--a story of passion, murder and revenge.

A fresh twisty regency plot, romantic intrigue and closes brushes with clandestine disasters --- a classy and scandalous entertaining read!