A ring, a mystery, and a possible new mother-in-law. What more could a girl want? Unless the girl is Henrietta and the man she loves is the Inspector.

Sometimes you have to face great loss to discover great love. Magically compelling!

Has the Reluctant Psychic met her match? Heart-stopping, fist-clenching action await those dare to open this book. Be prepared to sleep with the lights on!

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A teen who’s fired up about attending a band concert has no clue how many obstacles she will face before she reaches her destination.

A thrilling adventure of a lifetime that belongs alongside the greats!

A unique and entertaining twist on the Calamity Jane legend, complete with engaging characters and extraordinary storytelling! Highly recommended.

Space Opera at its finest as a band of intrepid rebels unwittingly become involved in an ancient conflict of unfathomable proportions that could very well change the fate of the universe.

The apocalypse comes to the world one cloudy day in the form of a mist, and those unlucky enough to survive the onslaught must now find a way of defeating the foe. A crisp and compelling first-in-series that will have readers lining up for more!

A modern-day medical mystery brings an enticing blend of reality-based insight, suspense, humor, thrills, and a crackerjack female duo readers are certain to enjoy.

A breath-taking, action-packed thriller set in the desert of the American Southwest.

In this new series as dark as the depths, dangers and secrets abound. Mystery, suspense, and romance lovers will devour this fast-paced first book in the Hunters & Seekers thrillers.

Mugdan hooks readers and does not let them go! Fantasy brilliantly told, will delight readers in the second book of The Shadow War Saga.

This exceptional novel illuminates the beauty and struggle of both the artist and the female spirit during the bloody time of the Franco-Prussian War.

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An exciting, contemporary mystery set in the borderlands of Arizona. It won’t be possible to put this book down!

A rich and fascinating account of day-to-day life in rural America in the mid-19th century set against the backdrop of the Civil War. Taken from primary sources, this narrative brings to life all that was loved and all that was lost.

A fast-paced apocalyptic sci-fi with plenty of imagination and snap that will have readers looking for more from this author.

A man is murdered, and everyone is to blame in M. Louisa Locke’s historically inspired, intelligent and endearing mystery set firmly in the Suffragette movement.

When two Russian models dip into Malibu's drug scene, it takes a forensic scientist to decipher what has happened to one of the girls. A frightening tale of drug abuse and the sex-slave trade and those who endeavor to find the truth.