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Play at your own risk! M.P. Follin’s “Ethyr” is a wild ride where one wrong move means game over—permanently!

An epic novel of enduring faith and love set amidst the brutality of the Thirty Years War in Europe.

A sizzling plot combined with smart, confident prose makes School of Deaths an exceptional read for YA audiences – and all who love fantasy.

Stream-of-consciousness at its best, this book hooks readers along in a colorful and adventurous journey into the absurd.

A clever and colorful Children's book about friendship, community, and encouragement.

With a world to win and everything to lose, the central characters in this dramatic story are sure to win YA readers for this epic, stage-setting fantasy and its sequels.

A gritty, hard-knocking plunge into the gutters of New York City in Boglioli’s self-inflicted journey to hell and his subsequent rise. A Dante’s Inferno for the 21st century.

Adventure awaits with journalist, gunslinger, and lawman, Billy Battles. A hard-to-put-down, second installment in a trilogy of a man with plenty to live for and plenty of life left to live.

An Elizabethan page-turning suspense mystery laced with humor and great characters!

A brave and daring darling of the Great Depression puts herself in harm's way to solve a mystery and endear herself to the handsome detective whose job it is to solve it.

A strong female lead in the reimagined Arthurian legend, placing Guinevere front and center in Nicole Evelina's second book of the Guinevere's Tale series. An epic fantasy readers will fall in love with.

A fast-paced romp through tropical jungles and into deep, dark caverns where allies may not be who they say they are and legends abound.

From the riveting opening that takes place in NYC's Lower East Side's sweatshops until its gripping conclusion, this enthralling novel vividly portrays the desperate times of German immigrants landing at Ellis Island in 1905 in search of a better life.

Fast-paced historical fiction surrounding the many assassination attempts on President Lincoln. History with a human face, reflective of today's political scene.

Nail-biting thriller sets a tough but tender hero against all sorts of bad guys hiding out in the wilderness, where wit and skill may not be enough to survive.

Dead is just the beginning for one teenager. This is a story to read with the lights on.

Risk and reward weigh heavily for Lani Yavari as she fights to reunite her family - possibly at the cost of her own life. A strong, vibrantly brilliant contemporary metaphysical Y/A novel that belongs alongside the greats!

Full of rich and disturbing scenes of life for the unwitting residents of a turpentine camp in the Deep South at the close of the Great War. A gut-wrenching story of one man's search for his sister and one woman's duty to heal instead of harm. This well-researched novel is sure to be appreciated by fans of historical fiction. It pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

A plot-twisting ride through the Pacific Northwest, as one man desperately seeks his wife only to uncover a dark and hidden truth.

One man escapes to the quiet of the Oberon Woods only to be seduced by two young women of exceptional quality; as he paints each stunning beauty, he discovers more about himself and learns to trust his heart in Yorker Keith’s latest literary romantic novel. A perfect summer read.

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