Sati and the Rider is a fast-paced, fun read – it’s all in the cards!

When heinous murders tarnish 1899 St. Louis, who are you going to call? None other than Inquiry Agent, Herbert Falken!

Readers will be thrilled and at times chilled by this up-close view of the sacrifice, guts, and skill displayed on an everyday basis by volunteer firefighters who perform their duties with no thought of recognition or reward.

Ways to soften the blow of moving back home: 19 million in your pocket, starting your own business... a knack for finding dead blondes wherever you turn? -- Not on the list!

Powerfully charged with rich characters and a dynamic storyline--one of the BEST new Y/A books we've reviewed!

A vivid portrayal of someone desperately stumbling in the dark desperately fumbling for a match to show the way out despair and hopelessness, and, then after a lot of bumps and scrapes, finally finding what he was seeking--happiness.

The author does not shy away from tough issues. She displays a secure knowledge of many complex medications and their effects and side effects. By detailing how her illness progressed, she provides a guideline for others.

A great read with a magical – air-bending quality that will draw the reader in and not allow them to leave until the very last page.

When you read more than a hundred books per year, it’s exciting to find one that surprises you. "Tupelo Honey" is one. A stick-to-the-ribs portrait of an extraordinary girl who overcomes the deck stacked against her in the deep South.

Beauty takes a different a form in Lisa Souza’s page-turning debut novel, Beauty and the Bridesmaid.

Dorothy (Dot) Lindell tags herself as a “relationship black hole.” An overweight software geek with a loser love life whose […]

When murder comes to the sleepy hamlet of Mystic Notch, recently relocated crime journalist Wilhelmina Chance and her grandma’s crime-solving cat jump into the case with two feet and four paws.

A poignant and vivid story of 1,500 wild mustangs at risk of being destroyed but saved through resolve and dedication of a South Dakota cattle rancher.

Action packed Western that is captivating. Multi-dimensional characters and an unlikely sensual love affair worth rooting for!

A sweeping look at personal idealism and autonomy pitted against the forces of greed and manipulation --an emotive family saga solidly rooted in the American dream.

A dark, rich, historical 18th-century tale that weaves real pirates into a fictional story with many unexpected twists and turns.

The unique Bel Canto Instrumental Technique as described by master musician, David Jacobson, in Lost Secrets will shift the way we think about the very nature of musical genius and talent.

Heartbreaking and beautiful - Readers will find it a struggle to choose a side, and in the end, witness a breathtaking conclusion of betrayal and political treachery.

An eccentrically irreverent work, reminiscent of Heller and Beckett, that will amuse and enlighten. Absurd in the very best sense of the word!

Vale's romances deliver real-life scenarios and characters that real-life women can identify with - a refreshing read!

A vivid and multi-layered take on a the turbulent Hell on Wheels times that examines with wide open eyes the Wild West and the human cost of the U.S. expansion west.