A dark, rich, historical 18th-century tale that weaves real pirates into a fictional story with many unexpected twists and turns.

The unique Bel Canto Instrumental Technique as described by master musician, David Jacobson, in Lost Secrets will shift the way we think about the very nature of musical genius and talent.

Heartbreaking and beautiful - Readers will find it a struggle to choose a side, and in the end, witness a breathtaking conclusion of betrayal and political treachery.

An eccentrically irreverent work, reminiscent of Heller and Beckett, that will amuse and enlighten. Absurd in the very best sense of the word!

Vale's romances deliver real-life scenarios and characters that real-life women can identify with - a refreshing read!

A vivid and multi-layered take on a the turbulent Hell on Wheels times that examines with wide open eyes the Wild West and the human cost of the U.S. expansion west.

A delightful way to introduce children to a new vocabulary words, geographic information, and learn about African animals!

A fun combination of fantasy, paranormal, romance, & sci-fi genres - feverish pacing, plot twists, and ever-unfolding action!

Mystical, romantic, intellectually and viscerally stimulating! Ancient petroglyphs, notorius voodoo cults, and betrayals

Gripping, sharp and well-paced mystery with a thrilling plot and gorgeous descriptions of cosmopolitan settings.

A steamy thrill-fest with explosive non-stop action FBI undercover novel.

High fantasy with a female heroine and women warriors set within a unique story construct where not all is good nor evil.

Do dreams come true? They do for Isis Martin, #mortal, as she slips into the realm of the gods in this entertaining YA read.

A charming YA novel that offers up an intriguing murder mystery set in Victorian London with a fun Steampunk twist.

A well conceived rags-to-riches story refreshingly told from the suffragette point of view and a stirring vision of manly exploits on the high seas, and the suffragette movement of the late 1800s.

A fascinating compendium of all things butterfly that educates and illuminates with bright art, illustrations, literary gems, and references that "The health of the planet rests on the wings of the butterfly."

A stirring and powerful narrative of love and loss from a young girl who immigrates from India to the U.S.A. who tries to find her new roots while yearning for her homeland.

A spooky and spoofy good time! A rollicking mashup of Vampire Secret Agents, Egyptian mummies, roller skates, and -- breadsticks. Another wacky and fun read from Prof. Larew!

An engaging and inspiring story ripe for anyone who dreams of a new life or is pondering if she has the courage to take the leap to remote living.

Eloquent writing, striking photos: an adventure of mind & body and the astounding power and beauty of nature of the PNW.