Secret assassins, notorious secrets, steamy passion nights abound on this luxury Caribbean cruise - an exhilarating thriller!

An intelligent and futuristic new YA series! Quasi-Orwellian realm riddled with a sinister and oppressive regime - Enthralling!

Laugh-fest of entertaining unusual creatures, & magical powers -a barrage of jokes about yucky smells & "tootacularity" that raises real issues for young people.

A well-paced escape for those hungering for art, history and a hot ride with a handsome Italian hero.

This celebration of artistry will touch and inspire children to appreciate what they have, never stop trying regardless of the obstacles, and dream big.

Positive messages of working together and embracing diversity make this early-level chapter book shine.

A cozy mystery with exceptional heart. A satisfying read to curl up with. Heartfelt and funny.

One woman carves out her own destiny and expresses her own truth in this coming-of-age story set in post-World War II, New York City. Vanda utilizes facts and the legal record to reveal that we, as a society, have every ability to be inhumane, but we must never allow ourselves to crush the lights around us, because to do so leaves us all in a bitter darkness.

In a world where too many rocks are thrown at those who represent anything other than the norm in middle-class white America, two friends decide to take matters into their own hands and stand up to the hatred with which they are targeted in order to save their home and ultimately their lives.

Marilyn Monroe, time travel, second chances - all steeped in mid-Century Hollywood history, culture, and magic.

In this war and weapon-filled coming of age fantasy, one woman's strengths and aspirations prove her worthiness as a leader. Exceptionally intricate world building and potent prose -- readers will not want to miss a beat of this epic fantasy!

A young virtuoso pianist rises above the many musicians of her time, blazing a path of passion for music and love that is hers and hers alone in nineteenth-century Vienna.

An intimate historical record of the realities of war seen through the sometimes tear-dimmed eyes of a Civil War soldier to his beloved wife and children.

The danger is real in the fourth installment of "The Winters Sisters, Corralling Kenzie," so it's a good thing Jaytanie's new heroine has a hot steamy hunk to lend her a hand in this sizzling thriller about the dark side of medical research.

Strength and hope amidst life's hardships is the essence of the human spirit. Walker brings it all in her beautifully written and heartfelt memoir.

A lead FBI agent hunts his prey and grooms his apprentice while a ritualistic killer does the very same thing. Riveting and disturbing, Eleven, is guaranteed to thrill and terrorize readers.

Wry and humorous cozy mystery with quirky characters and a unique plot that entertains & engages!

Traveling the Mother Road—Route 66—Charlie swaps his oppressive family for an offbeat cast of characters and learns about freedom, love, and how to stand up for himself in Elizabeth Barlo's Ruth 66.

Obsession and dedication go hand in hand in Kathe McGuire's The Harriet Club, a gritty Y/A mystery thriller set in the shadow of San Francisco.

Gloria Two-Feathers comes from a combined Scottish and Native American heritage and studied extensively with a Lakota elder. Story-telling springs naturally from her background, allowing her to create, in Tallulah’s Flying Adventure, a tale ideal for reading aloud and sure to engage the reader as much as the listener.