A daring and intense memoir about the horrors of what happens when corruption infiltrates the highest levels of a governing body. Something we should all pay attention to and be outraged by. Highly recommended.

A captivating tale of Industrial greed and Conservation set against a thrilling backdrop of primeval forest, violence, and sex, and one misstep may very well cost you your life. Recommended.”

The much-anticipated second installment of the Shadow Sword Series that delivers Epic Fantasy like none other. A treat for all who love their fantasy novels thick and multi-faceted. Highly recommended.

Every family has its secrets, only some are more deadly than others.

Old documents, newspapers, diaries, and family lore inform and illuminate a vibrant and fascinating history of a small town in the Pacific Northwest - Acme, in the County of Whatcom, tucked in the South Fork of the Nooksack River. Recommended.

This biography of hard times and sacrifice earns its place alongside the works of great Americana storytelling. Recommended.

Ride along with a boy in a magical T-bird across the universe, searching for his sister and his family's restoration among the stars.

Strap on your weapons and get ready for the hunt of your life in the second fantasy adventure of Keltin Moore, beast hunter, and defender of humanity!  Highly recommended.

A noir with a lot of heart and fun – perfect for Moonlighting and Castle fans!

A positive affirmation of the human spirit, focusing on the ability to learn and adapt when faced with the unique challenges brought on by sudden brain injury — a powerful and inspiring read.

Debut Cozy Murder Mystery that hits the mark! Highly recommended

Fantastic magic realism, uncaged and wild, and brilliant in every way! Highly recommended.

A beautiful and touching origin story for pre-readers and early readers – one of our very favorites! Highly recommended.

A first-hand account of war through a hero’s eyes. Highly recommended.

The magic of this fantastical story will charm readers and leave them wanting more.

In a world where female practitioners of magic are feared, who do you trust? Dig your claws into this Y/A High Fantasy and find out for yourself. Highly recommended!

A straightforward manual on how to be a successful human being from a man with a proven record and outstanding results. Recommended.

A thriller on American soil we hope will never come to pass. Recommended.

A tight-knit story of intrigue, greed, and a grave fight against powerful people that will keep you up at nights long after the very last page is read. Highly recommended.

An open invitational memoir and enjoyable reading adventure for those open to the idea that we could all benefit by taking our own hearts and souls for a stroll.