One survivor’s experience in Auschwitz will remind us all of what must never be allowed to happen again. Highly recommended.

The collateral damage from a freak tornado rips the heart out of Small-Town, America. Who is left and what they reveal has the potential to be even more devastating. Can anyone survive the aftermath? Recommended.

Will love find a way? Lovers of Regency romance will devour this feast of a book.

Suspenseful and steamy, Enthrallment will leave you yearning for more Recommended!

Any soldier in the Civil War would be lucky to have Dr. Abbey Kaplan as their surgeon. Fascinating storytelling. Recommended.

When one woman’s world falls apart, it is in the letting go she rediscovers herself, and the unexpected prophecy that seals her fate. A fantasy romance – perfect for the summer! Recommended.

Hair-raising and fun, this 14th in series, Award-Winning Cozy Mystery will delight fans. A perfect summer read. Recommended!

When the gods come to earth, what help is there for humankind? The answer is the two Spirit Shields, but who they are will surprise and thrill readers. The second in the Spirit Shield Saga will blow your mind! Epic Fantasy Y/A readers' favorite. Recommended!

Prepare to be transported back to seventeenth-century England during a tumultuous period in history for an epic tale of forbidden love and tragic consequences. One of our favorites! Highly recommended!

One town faces a mysterious killer after an auction – and a saucy African Grey Parrot who’s spilling the beans. A cozy animal mystery that will have readers laughing and crying – and perhaps think twice about buying up historical object. Recommended!

A smart, sophisticated Latina cop aims to unravel a string of murders, and what ensues is nothing short of an action-packed thrill-ride you won’t be able to put down. A first in series crime novel from a new author we love. Recommended.

With rich, lyrical writing, Sarmiento gives us an alternative history of the WWII era, complete with dark fantasy roots and a twist of Sci-fi on the side. Cross genre-lovers will eat this one up! Recommended.

A magical place of self-discovery to share with your friends and family. Who wouldn’t want to find their very own Klee Wyck? Highly recommended.

Thinking about creating a Victory Garden but short on space? Pick up this step-by-step guide from the highly awarded landscape designer, Amy Stross, and get ready to get your hands dirty! Exceptional and highly recommended!

A heady philosophy and an action-packed plot forms a colorful, page-turner-of-a novel - the stuff dreams are born out of. Highly cinematic fantasy that will appeal to all imaginative readers.

In a dangerous and evolving world of human trafficking and porn, one man returns to make certain the Tokyo streets remain safe. Pronko delivers another breath-taking, action-packed thriller you won’t be able to put down!  Highly recommended.

Are you craving an adventure that’s out of this world? Check out our new favorite from the talented hands of Patricia Crumpler and dive into fun action-packed adventure you’ll never want to end! Highly recommended

Like a cup of hot cocoa and a Hitchcock classic, Storm Island is an enjoyable diversion from the world. And perhaps a bit of what we need right now.

Can a book about a loved one’s death be life-affirming and uplifting? If it comes from the award-winning, middle-grade author, Paul Aertker, the answer is a resounding yes. Highly recommended.

One octogenarian learns an important life lesson – but at what cost? A legal thriller you won't want to miss. Highly recommended.