Belonging isn't the same as following orders, and love is more than complicated than war - especially in the Age of Discovery, the 1960s America.

A fast-paced – knock your socks mystery thriller with a dark sense of humor is a welcome addition to the Hamlin Park Irregulars gang set to endear readers all the more to this fresh series and its main lead, Tina Thomas. Recommended.

A charming tale sure to win the hearts of young readers and those who love them. Recommended!

An absolutely chilling ghost story wrapped around an even scarier piece of history - or perhaps it’s the other way around. Recommended!

Get ready to laugh, because here comes a bitingly funny collection from Christie Nicholls - stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Highly recommended!

A fun experience and a useful guide to using voice driven technology--especially Amazon's Alexa. Get the most out of your Alexa with this handy guide with more than 200 ways to use Alexa.

Combining a romance novel with an espionage thriller is not easy, but "Chasing Cleopatra" delivers the goods with plotting as intricate as a silver spider’s web. Recommended.

A thief who dreams of a better life fights the same social battles as the men who pursue him. Can the Victorian streets be kept safe? It’s up to Bloodstone to take a bite out of crime. Recommended.

A fine set-up for a first-in-series thrill ride, complete with an ‘everyman’ hero and a web of lies. Riveting… and highly recommended.

A historical fiction set against the Old Price Riots in London delivers a rich and fascinating story with a cast of real-life stars of the London theatre life. Engaging and entertaining! Recommended.

A true story of war, its aftermath, and what one American soldier decides to do to serve the men and women, and their families, in a most desperate time of need. Highly recommended.

A masterfully crafted, thrill-ride of a novel. Hold onto your seats, lock your doors and turn on the lights - this is the real deal! Recommended!

Ready for your next favorite book? This author delivers like none other. Cozy Mystery fans pay attention! Recommended!

Warm and lively Y/A Southern Gothic packed full of Southern charm, ghosts, and well-kept family secrets. Recommended!

A quirky, fast-paced small-town cozy that sets the stage for a good time.

With a private eye's keen attention to detail and a detective's internal ticking clock, Pamela Beason is a maestro at delivering mysteries that will keep you guessing and turning the pages.

An award-winning space opera that's sure to gather a dedicated audience. One of our favorites! Recommended!

Jacquie Rogers will have your sides splitting with laughter in this third in series old-timey, sexy western with a whole lot of sass and a ton of spitfire novel. Honey Beaulieu always gets her man, dead or alive. Recommended!

A detailed and lively account of the ancient and most influential of kings, David, his life and loves, written for today's audiences. Recommended.

Mr. and Mrs. James Moriarty are at it again, only this time the danger is real and more than one life is at stake. Recommended.