Top Chanticleer Marketing Articles and How-To Tips for Authors

Fire up your book sales

Book Promotion:


Author Platform & Discoverability of Your Book: How to Build Yours

How to Identify Your Readers

18 Tips to Getting Your Book Discovered

Five Top Tips to Promote Your Book that You Can Do Today

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Book Stores:

BOOKSELLER CONFIDENTIAL — What Are Booksellers Seeking to Buy to Stock Their Shelves?

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The Strange World of Editing and the Beasts Who Inhabit It

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What is an Editorial Review? And How is It Different from a Review?

The ABCs of Making Book Reviews Work Harder at Promoting Your Book

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The Seven Must-Haves for Authors Series:

#1 What is the traditional publishing tool that authors can implement to propel their writing careers to new levels and to earn income from their books?

#2 What is the Single Most Important Publishing Tool for Indie Authors?

#3 What is the cornerstone of any successful author’s promotional platform?

#4 What should every author know about communicating and marketing in the Digital Age?  (article in progress)

#5 How can an author set her books apart from the millions of titles that launch each year?  (article in progress)

#6 How can an author expand readership? (article in progress)

#7 What should continue to grow and never disappear in today’s new era of publishing? (article in progress)

ann charles - point of salePoint of Sale Book Marketing Series:

Quick and Easy Tips to Get Your Books Ready for the Biggest Book Buying Season of the Year!

Brick and Mortar Stores – Quick and Easy Point of Sale Marketing Tips

Point of Sale Book Marketing Tips for Holiday Gift Fairs, Author Signing Events, & Temporary Markets

Leadership Communication Series for Authors:

Discussion About  the Principle Marketing Concept  of Creating Identity

Engaging Readers and Building a Fanbase by Establishing Credibility and Competence

Creating Shared Content to Engage Readers and Build a Fan Base

Committing to Action by Developing a Communication Strategy to Engage Readers (articles in progress)

Acquired Early Readers (AER) Series:

How to Launch a Book Using AERs

How to go about finding AERs

The Care and Feeding of Your AERs