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ALYSON RICHMAN is an Impressionist Author | On Word

2018-12-31T10:38:27-08:00By |

The daughter of an abstract painter, Alyson is truly an artist, using her words like brush strokes. Following up her international best sellers, "The Velvet Hour" and "The Lost Wife" comes her latest novel, "The Garden of Letters", set in Positano, a tranquil seaside village that finds WWII at its port and two random people forge a unique relationship under the threat of life and death.

AUTHOR LISA WINGATE Crosses into the Dark Side of History | On Word

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With her 30th novel, Lisa Wingate fearlessly delves into the greatest adoption scandal of the 20th c., led by one woman, Georgia Tan, who kidnapped poor children & babies to sell to wealthy families. When Lisa came across this above-the-law crime story, she pulled herself up off the floor and just had to know more. Lisa is careful to balance Ms. Tan's sociopathic world with the voices of the children and families involuntarily drawn into the queenpin’s greed and ruthlessness.

MJ ROSE Gets into Writing Sex Scenes | On Word

2018-08-31T11:00:20-07:00By |

Releasing her 17th novel, MJ Rose is no stranger to writing from the senses, and sex happens to be a major human sensibility. She muses that writers have to be good liars, good actors and have great imaginations as she takes on characters of all shapes, sizes and from other dimensions.

RANDY SUSAN MEYERS Gets Popped Out | On Word

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Randy's novels live in Dark, Dysfunctional, Domestic Drama: quadruple Ds-- that with an undercurrent of humor to get through all the mishegas. She pulls from her years working with battered victims and inmates- she drives in to discover light in the dark moments.