Editorial Book Reviews for Publishers

Our editorial team members are experienced professional editors selected for their expertise within specific genres.  While they uphold the traditions that readers and media professionals have come to expect and appreciate, they also maintain an open mindedness for emergent ideas, talent and creativity.

Our reviews are objective, unbiased and professionally written. Therefore, there is a chance that the review may be negative or have negative elements. 

A professionally written book review is one of the most powerful tools available to authors for getting their books before the eyes of readers.

No Fee Reviews

Publishers are welcome to submit their ARCs, galleys, and manuscripts at least 6-9 months before publication date for a non-fee review.  However, we do receive far more submissions than we could possibly review and continue as a viable business.

Submission Guidelines

  • Our reviewers are experienced professional reviewers who are paid for their reviews.
  • Reviews are professionally edited and then published and posted.
  • Reviews will be emailed to the publisher before they are posted and published.
  • If any or all of review is used in promotion by the publisher (online or  print), then we require that Chanticleer Book Reviews  receive attribution: www.ChantiReviews.com or Chanticleer Book Reviews.
  • We require a synopsis of the work and a completed submission form for each title. 
  • If the title is scheduled to be reviewed, we will contact you and ask for a e-pub file of it.
  • Again, we do not guarantee a no-fee review for any submission.
  • We do not review erotica, books that are graphically violent or promote hatred.
  • We do not review poetry at this time.
  • We do review works from small and independent presses who publish the works of multiple authors. Authors must have zero responsibility for any cost of the book’s publication or distribution.
  • We maintain all rights to distribute the review through our print and media affiliations and channels.
Note:  All no-fee reviews will be published. That being said, our motto is: “By serving the Reader, we best serve the Writer.”

To guarantee a review or to guarantee a review within a specific time period, we suggest that publishers take advantage of our Publishers Review Program which offers discounted rates.
Please email: ABrown@ChantiReviews.com for more information.

If we decide to review a submitted title, we will contact the publisher. We do not have the staff to respond to email or written queries regarding status of a submitted title for review. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Please submit digital synopsis and submission form to: PublisherServices@ChantiReviews.com
Download the CBR Publisher’s Submission Form and Agreement