Kizzie Jones Media Kit - Kizzie Jones, AuthorI am so proud to be awarded First in Place in Little Peeps for, “A Tall Tale About Dachshunds in Costumes!” […]

A Home on the South Fork - YouTubeIt is an honor to be recognized. With all 

Thank you for this official notification!  The excitement continues!! I am so thrilled and honored to be the Grand Prize Winner of the inaugural Nellie Bly Award for […]

Patricia J. Boomsma (Author of The Way of Glory)Thank you so much! I’m honored and thankful for all the work you do putting on this contest. 


David Fitz-Gerald (Author of Wanders Far-An Unlikely Hero's Journey)Thank you so much. It is such an honor, and I’m so thrilled that Wanders Far has done so well. I’m really […]

Thank you for the marvelous event Chanticleer put on. I’ve been touting Chanticleer and the awards given to me on all the sights on which Abigail’s Window is being promoted. 


Thank you, we are quite honored to have Britfield receive this prestigious award. We will wear it proudly! 

— C.R. Stewart, author of Britfield and 1st Place Category Winner […]

Your efforts were admirable to do this remotely and it was all that could be done, but your conference is one of the things I […]

A woman sits at a desk surrounded by papers. Now THAT was an incredible conference. Can’t wait to take part in another one (in person) at the Hotel […]

Palmer Pickering in a Top HatThank you! Fantastic! It was great meeting everyone virtually in the Zoom conference. I really […]

Black and White Photo of man outsideThanks again for this great honor. I feel very privileged to have received this […]

A man dimly lit looking to the left.

It was awesome being part of the competition, and I think being on the shortlist helped my book […]

WOW! WOW! WOW! THANK YOU and your staff and supporters for the awesome review you posted of my novel Tupelo Honey.

I asked [the store] why they thought they were selling so many more of Iced Tee. [Their answer:] It's the shiny gold Chanticleer sticker, of course!

" I am just amazed at the nuggets of wisdom provided to me....when one is so deeply engrossed in one’s beloved work, one tries to overlook the drawbacks that are so obvious...[My Manuscript Overview] will force me to sit down and revise."

"Kiffer, your Bookseller Confidential article is SPOT ON. Thank you for spreading good and accurate information!" Best, Paul Hanson

Thanks for the manuscript overview--I found it very helpful. I'm in the process of rewriting and appreciate the editor's comments and suggestions. --Paul Paris, author of the upcoming FLIGHT RISK

Thank you for your great (review) service. Looking forward to being a part of your future growth in the future. --S. Thomas Bailey, Author of Blind Faith: The Gauntlet Runner Book IV