The Chanticleer International Book Awards Blue Ribbon Competitions discover outstanding works and recognize emerging new talent in today’s era of unbounded publishing.

Submissions to CBR Blue Ribbons Awards are received from around the world. Entries hail from the United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Iceland, and more. Our writing competitions are truly international in scope.

  • If you have a particular question, please do not hesitate to contact us at
  • In the meantime, please visit our Facebook page for the latest results as they arrive from CBR’s judges.  Thank you! 

Judging Rounds for Each Division: As of 2020, we have 15 fiction divisions and 5 Non-fiction divisions of the annual Chanticleer International Book Awards (the CIBAs) along with the Short Story Awards and the much requested Fiction Series Awards.  

  • Entries of each division are added to our secure tracking system for the judging rounds and go into the SLUSHPILE
  • First-round determines if a work (manuscript or recently published) is “slushed” or does it continue to the Long List
    • The CIBA division Long List is announced on the Chanticleer Reviews website under Contest Information
  • Long Listed works are read and judged on whether or not they remain Long Listed or move forward to the SHORTLIST
    • The works that advanced to the Shortlist for each division are announced on the CR website and are eligible for SHORTLISTED digital badges and stickers.
  • Shortlisted works continue to be read and then determined if they remain Shortlisted or move forward to the Semi-Finalists positions
  • Semi-Finalists’ works of each division will compete for the Quarter-Finalists positions as the field continues to shrink
    • The works that advance to the Semi-Finalists position are announced on the Chanticleer Reviews website and are eligible for SEMI-FINALIST digital badges and stickers
  • NEW The Premier Finalist Level of Achievement The CIBA judges advised to add the Finalist Level of Achievement as a way to recognize and validate the entries that had outstanding merit but were not selected for the very few First Place Award positions within each genre division.
  • 1st Place Award Winners are selected from the Premier Finalist Level. The Finalists are recognized at the CIBA Banquet and Ceremony. First Place Award  Winners are announced at the annual CIBA Banquet and Ceremony.
  • Division Grand Prize Winners are determined from the divisions’ 1st Place Winners. These are announced at the CIBA Banquet and Ceremony
  • The OVERALL CIBA Grand Prize Fiction Winner is determined from the 15 Grand Prize Division Winners  and is also announced at the CIBA Banquet and Ceremony.
  • NEW for 2021 –  Non-Fiction CIBA Grand Prize Winner will be determined from the five non-fiction divisions grand prize winners.
  • NEW for 2020 – The Fiction Series Book Awards – will be awarded a trophy for The  CIBA Best Book Series. Division Winners will be announced and awarded trophies!

Levels of Achievements for Book Awards

The 2019 CIBA Ceremonies were held during VCAC20, September 8 -13, 2020, via ZOOM webinars. The original date was in mid-April but was postponed in hopes that we could hold the ceremonies and conference live in late summer. Alas, that was not to be, so we proceeded with the Virtual Chanticleer Authors Conference – VCAC20 that was based out of the Hotel Bellwether located in Bellingham, Wash. where Chanticleer Reviews is headquartered.

The 2020 CIBA Banquet and Ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 17, 2021.  We hope to gather at the Hotel Bellwether for this much anticipated event. If not, we will have the ceremonies again by ZOOM webinars on the same weekend.

NOTE: These are tentative dates and are subject to change. We will continuously update this page as writing competitions rotate.

We will begin announcing the judging rounds for the 2020 CIBAs starting the first week of November 2020. The announcements will be posted on the Chanticleer Reviews website under CONTEST NEWS on the homepage. We will also send out email e-news letters using Mailchimp to anyone who subscribes to our CONTEST News Subscription. Everyone is welcome to subscribe to our free e-newsletter.  

We will post the SHORT LIST, Semi-Finalists, and Finalists on the Chanticleer Reviews social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) as they are announced on the website. Only FINALISTS will be notified directly by email of reaching that level of CIBA achievement.

We thank you for your interest and for participating in the Chanticleer International Book Awards.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at We will try to reply within 72 business hours/ 3 business days.

Click here to access the Chanticleer International Book Awards information page. 

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NOTE: These are tentative dates and are subject to change. We will continuously update this page as writing competitions rotate.

Each work entered will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Is the Story Compelling?
  • Professionalism of Editing and Formatting
  • Characterization
  • Continuity of Story-line
  • Satisfying Ending (not necessarily “happy”)
  • Intriguing Opening
  • Uniqueness of Story
  • Writing Craft
  • Story Arc
  • Atmosphere
  • Flow
  • Senses
  • Pacing

Chanticleer Book Reviews Grand Prize Blue Ribbon for Best Book Award

Please Note:

Chanticleer Book Reviews retains the right to not declare “default winners.”  Winning works are decided upon merit only and not empty slots.

Prize packages may change at any time.

Please visit this website often for updates! Please do not hesitate to contact about any concerns, questions, or suggestions about CBR writing competitions. Your input is important to us.

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