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How?  Book reviews give the author, the publisher and the bookseller something to utilize for developing discourse with readers —and that is the foundation of building audience for your book.

18 Tips for Utilizing Book Reviews to Create Book Buzz and Increase Book Sales

  1. First, wait until after you have actually received the review,  read it, and then have someone else read it to confirm your interpretation that it is indeed favorable, then proceed to Step 2.  Please keep in mind that since Chanticleer Book Reviews are unbiased and objective that it is possible to receive a  non-favorable review.  This is why you must wait until you have received your book’s review before initiating step two.
  2. Post that you are expecting a review of your title.  Tweet it, Tumble, DisQus, and announce in anyway possible that you have submitted your title for review and that you are expecting that you will receive it any moment/day now.
  3. Post the website of the professional reviewer to your followers. Ask them to keep a look-out for the review. Once again, use this as an opportunity to get your pen name and book title out in the publishing universe by tweeting and posting this information to social media sites, your social circles, and associates.
  4. In the next day or two, then post/publish the review on your website and the book’s website (and yes, each title should have its own website that links to your author site and vice versa.
  5. Post the review to the Editorial Review sections for your title on Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, SmashWords,   XLibris, etc.    We will have a list of sites that we post our reviews to available soon.
  6. Send the review to your publisher or to anyone whose service you have solicited such as: cover art, editorial services, & marketing services.
  7. Cover Quotes. Make sure to include “pop outs” of the review on your website, in your promotion pieces such as on book marks, postcards, and advertisements.
  8. Now, post that you have received the review and who reviewed it along with the review’s  status.  Was it glowing? Favorable?
  9. Next,  steadily post those pop-outs and cover quotes from the review on all of your social media sites and to your circles.
  10. If you belong to a writing group, chapter, or association, be sure to post an invitation to that local chapter’s blog to visit your website to read the review or, better yet, post the entire review if allowed.
  11. Send a copy of the review to your local booksellers,  libraries or shops that might be interested in carrying the title.  We know of one well-known author whose books experience fantastic sales at truck stops.  Find out who your audience is a start reaching out to them.
  12. If the title resonates with a particular group such as real estate agents, Steampunk affectionados,  historical boats, knitters, romance lovers—whatever the affiliations might be, email the review to them, too.  Read CBRM’s article on “How to Identify Your Readers.”
  13. Do these affiliations have newsletters? blogs? magazines? Contact them to see if  they might be interested publishing the review to their members.
  14. Comment on other blogs!  Remember that you are BUILDING AUDIENCE. Keep getting your pen name and book title out there in the Cyber-universe of book publishing.  Don’t forget to comment using your pen name on relevant YouTube videos.
  15. Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up!  Be sure to acknowledge  any new Twitter followers, FaceBook “likers,”  DisQus commentators, or anyone who had any reaction to your postings at all.
  16. Re-tweet, re-post, re-broadcast any positive reactions to the review.
  17. Check to see if you have received any comments on Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, etc.  If so, respond to the comments.
  18. Post positive reactions  to  your author’s website and your book’s website (And yes, you do need to have a website for each book title).  This will increase your Google Rankings. Post them on different days. Do not do a marathon session when you are posting, but steadily and consistently post. See our article on “The Authors Guide to Posting to Social Media,” which advises not to waste all your precious content in one scatter shot.  Make your postings work for you.  Remember CONTENT IS QUEEN (or KING) —always was, always will be.

Chanti reminds you to always give credit to the review site and the reviewer in all your postings and publishing venues when you push out your review (and/or cover quotes).

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