milkyway galaxyHow to go about finding AERs (Acquired Early Readers)?



  • The Sales Curve of Your Book will Follow the AER Curve. 

  • Conversely, Do Not Confuse Book Sales with AERs. 

AERs (Acquired Early Readers) may be:

    • Beta readers
    • Other Finalists in writing competitions that you competed in
    • Critique partners
    • Book reviewers,
    • Manuscript evaluators
    • Writing group members
    • Friends & family
    • Those who would take a special interest in your story-line–your niche markets.
      • How to determine your niche markets?
        • Is your amateur sleuth a real estate agent, a hospital administrator, or a chef?
        • Does your protagonist always diet? Does he love wine? Does she knit? Does she travel, research, teach, or strips at a dance club?
    • After you determine your niche markets, then begin building relationships with the people who are in them. Share advice and tips, ask questions, attend meetings and gatherings. Members of your niche markets are potential AERs.

Next post will be on the Care and Feeding of AERs.

Each week we will go into more detail of the “hows” and “wheres”  to acquire more Readers for your books…. stay tuned!

Thanks for Reading!