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 The Care and Feeding of Your AERs:


  • Anyone who reads your manuscript or book, even a chapter at a time, is an AER.
  • You should know the name of each and everyone your AERs along with how to communicate with them.
    • Is your AER on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ?
    • Does your AER have a blog? If so, comment on it. Subscribe to it.
  • AERs do NOT have to buy your book. However, they must read your work even if it is a chapter at a time.
  • If you give your manuscript/book to an AER, they should expect to give you some kind of feedback about it. Make this as easy as possible for the AER.
    • When you receive this feedback, whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, you must be “insanely appreciative” of it.
  • Your AERs may receive your work a chapter at a time or all at once. Beta Readers make the very best AERs and they require special handling.
  • Interact with your AERs on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, blog posts, websites, etc.  and, most importantly, in person if possible. Nothing beats face time—not even FaceBook.
  • Reward your AERs for being evangelical about your work!

Remember, Acquired Early Readers  help authors  build their  networks—online and off.

Next post will be about how to build your AER base and increase your number of AERs along with more on the care and feeding of AERs.