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An Editorial Review of “Cornered” by Alan Brenham

2016-12-17T12:15:40-08:00By |

Detective Matt Brady is up to his eyeballs in work and about to lose his last chance at redemption if his case is handed over to the FBI. This fast and furious read covers multiple character perspectives and leaves the reader constantly wondering what could happen next.The reader spends equal times with villains and heroes, making the story focus more on the people than the criminal acts being committed.

An Editorial Review of “Propositum” by Sean Curley

2018-12-29T13:44:20-08:00By |

Many know the story of how Jesus Christ came and founded Christianity through the death, resurrection, and crucifixion, but is there more to know and understand? Proculus, former Roman senator, seeks to create a unified Rome through the conversion of gentiles to Judaism. He gathers together Saul (later known as Paul), Maximus, and Curia to help him in this historical fiction tome.

An Editorial Review of “Fathers House” by C. Edward Baldwin

2016-12-17T12:15:44-08:00By |

The twists and turns of Fathers House will satisfy readers who find non-obvious connections connecting devilishly amusing. Juxtaposition of the bribery, murders, and power plays against Baldwin’s subliminal questioning of free will and what really drives all of our lives is not highlighted in an initial reading, but in the undercurrent subtext. This is yet another example of how Baldwin’s story engages the reader in unexpected ways. Often times the grotesque scenes of the novel are juxtaposed with people simply living life, dealing with paperwork, or stuck on a stagnate case they don’t understand.