Pre-publication Manuscript Reviews

Before submitting your work to a literary agent, a publishing house or, more importantly, before you self-publish your work, have it evaluated by CBR’s team of reviewers.

Our reviewers will give your work a chance to be read objectively and with professionalism one more time before you expose it to the world’s readers and media professionals.

Many of the  authors who have submitted their books for review were alerted to overlooked glitches such as  inconsistencies with point-of-view,  story-line trajectory, or inconsistent character development. We have found plot holes that needed plugging, story pacing that needed to speed up,  and overworked clichés that managed to sneak their way into the work.

In the pre-digital age of publishing, traditional publishers had at least 40 pairs of eyes evaluating a galley before it went to press. How many objective, unbiased editors have read and evaluated  your book? 

Our professional editorial staff evaluates each manuscript for the following attributes:

  • Is the story compelling (content is king/queen)
  • Professionalism of editing and formatting
  • Characterization
  • Pacing
  • Continuity of story-line
  • Satisfying ending (not necessarily “happy”)
  • Intriguing opening
  • Uniqueness of story
  • Writing craft
  • Plotting craft
  • and other criteria that is genre specific such as red herrings in mysteries, suspense building technique in thrillers, etc.

What We do and How We Do It:

  • Manuscripts are reviewed within their specific genres, although genre blending is encouraged.
    •  We understand that readers of different genres are looking for different types of reading experiences.
  • What we do is an overview of your manuscript. Plain and simple: Is it ready to publish?
  • We select reviewers for their specific genre experience and knowledge.
  • CBR does not place restrictions on dates. We accept current works along with those that have been stored away in a drawer for decades.
  • Novels and novellas shall not be longer than approximately 60,000 to 120,000 words for our standard rate.  Please email if your work is more than a 120,000 words for an adjusted fee.
  • Evaluations are at least 450-to-850 words, if not more.
  • Expect your manuscript’s evaluation in six-to-nine weeks after submission. You may order  expedited service for an extra fee.
  • We evaluate all genres, fiction and non-fiction.

Who Will Review My Book?

Our manuscript review team is comprised of  experienced editors selected for their expertise in specific genres.  While they uphold the long established practices  that readers have  come to expect, they maintain an open-mindedness for emergent ideas, talent and creativity  in the field of literature, media and publishing.
We operate by the time-honored publishing traditions readers have come to appreciate and expect from legacy publishing and apply the best of these traditions to today’s era of unbounded publishing.

Our reviewers are spread across the U.S. and come from diverse backgrounds and are experienced in the publishing arena as editors, journalists, university professors, librarians, booksellers, literary conference leaders, book distributors, published authors, several incognito professional book reviewers for newspapers and magazines, and even a few literary agents.  When we receive a manuscript submission at CBR’s home office, we assign the best editor for that particular manuscript.

A passion for good books and the authors who write them is one that is shared by our reviewers and editors.  Our mission is to help good books get discovered!

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Isn’t your manuscript worth it?

A Chanticleer Manuscript Review may, indeed, be the first step in placing your work into the hands of a literary agent, or  a publishing house representative.


I’m incredibly appreciative of the many positive and helpful things the reviewer had to say in the manuscript overview. The feedback is terrific and more comprehensive than any other I’ve received…  Many thanks, again! Brian L. 

All of her suggestions were right and I hope to make them to the best of my ability. It’s like taking a powerful and quick course in advanced writing. Please thank her for me….Working with someone of her caliber would take my writing to another level.

What happens when the CBR evaluation of my manuscript is complete?

  • We will email you your  professionally evaluated written manuscript overview.
  • The assessment of your manuscript is yours to use to the best advantage of your work.
  • You or your agent may quote blurbs or use the entire manuscript review for promoting your manuscript to publishers.   All that is required is that you give Chanticleer Book Reviews attribution for the review or any blurb of the review that is used in print, on-line, or audio-visual media.  Remember, the CBR manuscript review is yours to promote your book.
  • We want your feedback about the evaluation.

In 2015, Two Million New Titles Will Vie for the Readers’ Attention.

A Chanticleer manuscript overview may, indeed, be the first step in placing your work into the hands of a literary agent or a publishing house representative.

How Will Your Manuscript Grab Attention?

Media professionals, who are always looking for the next bestseller, cult classic, or blockbuster, depend on unbiased reviews to help them sift through the million-plus volumes of new manuscripts that hit the market every year. From literary agents’ slush pile readers  to publishers’ first readers, reviews are what most media professionals depend on to sift through a myriad of works that end up on their desks every day.

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We would be honored for you to entrust us with reviewing your manuscript.

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