The Mission of Chanticleer Book Reviews is to Discover Today’s Best Books!
Just five years ago, the average number of books published was about 300,000 annually.

Today, readers now have over three million new titles a year vying for their attention.

Our Mission is two-part:

  • Help good books become discovered by readers.
  • Help the authors of these books achieve their publishing goals.
We believe that today’s authors are independent entrepreneurs–even if they are represented by a publisher.  Being an excellent writer is no longer  enough to be successful in today’s publishing universe.  

We are …

Kiffer Brown in Dresden

K. Brown

Kiffer Brown – President

Up-to-date practical, effective marketing and promotional skills are her forte.

Decades of honed business experience an entrepreneurial spirit, along with a true understanding “that nothing happens until something is sold”  is what Kiffer Brown brings to the table.

Her love of reading began with the Nancy Drew classics. By the time she was twelve her big brother had turned her on to Issac Asimov’s From Flat Earth to Quasar. In high school she read Virgil’s Aeneid  in Latin. Next came Boccaccio’s Decameron and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. There was no turning back;  discovering good books became her passion.

Kiffer was born in Hawaii and raised in military family housing across the U.S. She studied Economics and Marketing at Meredith College and History at North Carolina State University in a hybrid degree program.  She was an International Resident Advisor at N.C.S.U. and served on Meredith’s Student Council. She worked her way through college by roaming the stacks of D.H.Hill Library (over 4 million printed works) at N.C.S.U. doing bibliographic searches.  Being surrounded by so many books only emblazoned her love for them.

Kiffer completed Western Washington University’s rigorous post-bachelor Professional Degree Program for Print and On-line Publishing. She was recruited to serve on the professional program’s board of advisors.

She  is an active volunteer and serves on several boards non-profits and for-profit enterprises.  She is president of Whatcom Writer’s and Publishers Association as well as a founding member of Upstart Crows Writers Association, and a member of Romance Writers of America. She presents at writers’ conferences and workshops.

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About Our Editors

The CBR editorial team members are impartial editors, selected for their expertise in related genres and are known for their unbiased, objective, and knowledgeable reviews. All of our editors are based in the U.S. or Canada. They consistently maintain open-mindedness to today’s emergent ideas, talent, and creativity in the field of literature, media and publishing while holding to the time honored traditions readers have come to appreciate and expect.

 S. J. Stanton, Editor-in-Chief

35 years as a writer, reviewer, substantive and copy editor, proofreader, indexer, and translator (Spanish and French).  Well-practiced in using The Chicago Manual of Style. 

Writer and political analyst for the US Dept of State in Madrid and Mexico City. CSA Social Sciences databases.

Reviewer and freelance abstract/synopsis writer; six years experience.  Extensive international travel with resident sojourns.

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