Dante Rossetti Awards for YA FictionThe Dante Rossetti Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works of Young Adult Fiction. The Dante Rossetti Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Reviews International Book Awards.

The following titles and their authors have made it past the initial “Slush-Pile Rounds” and will compete in the next rounds to see which titles will  be Short Listed for the 2017  Dante Rossetti  Book Awards.

Good Luck to All! 

  • Susan Faw – Soul Sanctuary
  • Philip P. Carlisle – The Paradox of Jayne Le Faye
  • Brittany Evans – Unlocking Olympus
  • S.V. Mitchell – The Noble Noggin
  • JL Morin – Nature’s Confession
  • Alex E. Carey – Fire’s Love
  • Richard Mann – Wasted in Waldport
  • DJ Munro – Slave to Fortune
  • Jan Von Schleh – But Not Forever
  • Mario Loomis – Primordium
  • Elise K. Ackers – One for the Road
  • John Foley – One For The Team
  • Isaac Fozard – Coalheart
  • Tim Lee – High Heels and Horsepower
  • Jean Gill – Fortune Kookie
  • Laurel Anne Hill – The Engine Woman’s Light
  • Judith Sanders – Star Finder: The First Book in the Diamond Island Saga
  • Deen Ferrell – Cryptic Spaces: Dark Edge Rising
  • Gregory Saur – Panterror!: The Epic Babysitting Adventures of Rachel Pugsley 
  • Anne Donaghy – Raven, Tell A Story
  • John A. Vikara – My Lonely Room
  • Kathy L. Greenberg – The Bully Solution
  • Edward Stanton – Wide as the Wind
  • Rebekah N. Bryan – Track Two on Repeat 
  • PJ Devlin – Becoming Jonika
  • Taylor Caley – Ice Cold – Part One: The Dark Zone
  • J. L. Skirvin – Snow Now Sizzling in Soleil 
  • Lynn Yvonne Moon – The Tower
  • Zoe Kalo – Chameleon
  • Lynette Cabrera – Just For Now
  • Samantha Crouch – Onyx
  • Julian North – Age of Order
  • Brittany Evans – Unlocking Olympus
  • Alisse Lee Goldenberg – The City of Arches
  • Robert Wright Jr – Ruby Red and the Wolf
  • Dara Lyons – Twinlove
  • Robert D. Calkins – Digger
  • Michelle Rowe – Emma Beware

These titles will compete to be SHORT LISTED in the next rounds.

We are accepting entries into the 2018 Dante Rossetti Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction.

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