Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D, author of From Liberty to Magnolia

2021-01-13T12:39:24-08:00By |

Thank you for this official notification!  The excitement continues!! I am so thrilled and honored to be the Grand Prize Winner of the inaugural Nellie Bly Award for Investigative and Journalistic Non-fiction!!! I am so grateful for you and Chanticleer for all that you do for authors. It is very much appreciated. -- Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D, author of From Liberty to Magnolia, winner of the Grand Prize Nellie Bly Award

Susan Lynn Solomon, author of “Abigail’s Window”

2020-12-22T14:49:43-08:00By |

Thank you for the marvelous event Chanticleer put on. I've been touting Chanticleer and the awards given to me on all the sights on which Abigail's Window is being promoted.  -- Susan Lynn Solomon, author of Abigail's Window and First Place Category Winner of the M&M Awards and Grand Prize PARANORMAL Awards

CR Stewart, author of “Britfield”

2020-12-22T14:31:36-08:00By |

Thank you, we are quite honored to have Britfield receive this prestigious award. We will wear it proudly!  -- C.R. Stewart, author of Britfield and 1st Place Category Winner for the GERTRUDE WARNER Awards

Alex Paul, author of “Arken Freeth” series

2020-12-22T14:24:52-08:00By |

Your efforts were admirable to do this remotely and it was all that could be done, but your conference is one of the things I look forward to each year because I have met so many cool and fun people!  --Alex Paul, author of the Arken Freeth series, and Grand Prize Winner of the Gertrude Warner Awards

Nancy Thorne, author of “Victorian Town”

2020-12-22T14:17:57-08:00By |

Now THAT was an incredible conference. Can't wait to take part in another one (in person) at the Hotel Bellwether in the future. Thanks so much for all the hard work that must have gone into it. Did you sleep for days after?   -- Nancy Thorne, author of Victorian Town and 1st Prize Category Winner of the Dante Rossetti Awards. 

Susan Brown, author of “Twelve”

2020-12-22T14:10:24-08:00By |

Dear Kiffer (and all the great people you work with!),  I am so excited and honored to have won this award! I personally love Twelve, the book that won it, and I can't tell you the pleasure I've experienced that someone else sees value in it too. I'll be publishing it in the next couple of months, and the award will be prominently featured on the book and my web page. It was rather great too that my other two entries made the semi-finalist list. You folks obviously have great taste!  --Susan Brown, author of several books including Twelve and 2019 1st Place Category Winner for the Dante Rossetti Awards.

Palmer Pickering, author of “Moon Deeds”

2020-12-22T14:00:33-08:00By |

Thank you! Fantastic! It was great meeting everyone virtually in the Zoom conference. I really enjoyed it and appreciate all your incredibly hard work and dedication. It's invaluable to indie authors that organization like yours support us.  --Palmer Pickering, Author of Moon Deeds and winner of the First Place Category in CYGNUS, OZMA, and PARANORMAL Awards.