Stack of Artemis Rising ecards imageE-BOOK CARDS, the future of publishing.

E-Book Cards allow digital books to be sold in a tangible form.


Sell your digital e-pubs directly to the Reader – in person and up close.

Just as cell phones were embraced by Europeans before they became de rigueur in North America, E-Book cards are taking Europe by storm. E-Book Cards are already available in hundreds of stores in Germany with more than 40 publishing houses utilizing distribution of 250,000 titles.

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E-Book Cards are on the cutting edge of the digital publishing revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions about E-Book Cards from Chanticleer Book Reviews:

 A.  Are there any other costs involved beyond the initial cost of the cards?

No other costs are incurred, unless you want expedited shipping or design/editing services for a particular title.

B.  How do Readers download books to their e-readers?

Simple instructions are on the back of each Chanticleer E-Book card. They are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

 Example of the back-of-E-Book Card Instructions:

 1. Visit  or

You decide if you want the reader to go directly to the download page or check out your website before downloading.

2. Enter the “Scratch off” code at bottom of card into form on the download page. (We give you the form to paste to your website.)

3. Click submit. Select your reading device. Start reading.

 Note:  CBR Media will give you the portal widget (form) for your website’s download page.

C.  Is there any connection with Amazon relative to downloading onto Kindle readers?

Our E-Book Cards are in no way connected to Amazon or Kobo or any other online bookseller. The transaction occurs directly between publisher (seller) and reader. Royalties are not paid to anyone, as the publishers (including self-publishers) own all rights to their works. If the E-Book Cards are placed with a bookseller, the bookseller and author/publisher determine the price point.

D.  Are E-Book downloads readable on any e-reader?

Yes! On Androids, Nexus, Kindles, Samsung, I-Pad, and, if you supply us with a mobi-file,  on smart phones.

We suggest that you have “Good On All Readers” printed at the bottom of your E-Book Card along with “E-Book Card Edition” at the top.

E.  What is the size of the standard E-Book Card? What are the features of a Chanticleer E-Book Card

1. Standard E-Book Cards are the same size and weight as a credit card (2 inches by 3.5 inches).

2. Authors may autograph their E-Book cards. 

3. The front of your E-Book Card has your book cover.

4. The upper half of the back of the card has room for a blurb. 

5. The lower half of the card has easy download instructions and the scratch off code.

F.  How many times may a Reader download with the scratch off code?

The Standard Chanticleer E-Book Card scratch off code is good for a one-time only download.  (Publishers’ price starts at 24 cents per card). This protects the publisher from Readers “sharing” the book over the Internet.

If you want your Readers to access your book from any device at any time, then consider Chanticleer’s Premium E-Book card that creates a Cloud Library of your title for your Readers. Premium cards start at $4.50 per card. More info follows.

G. What is the lead time between the time an order is placed for E-Book cards and receipt of cards?

The standard time is approximately six weeks from receipt of e-pub ready files and cover art files. Each code is good for one download only. We advise ordering 8 to 10 weeks before your targeted receipt date for this new technology.


Chanticleer Book Reviews and Media does not receive any royalties from Chanticleer E-Book card orders.

If you are self-published, all the royalties go to you. You decide how much you would like to sell the e-cards on the fly. You can give them away, you can sell them at different price points. They are yours to do with as you want.

If you have a contract with a publisher, then that is between you and your publisher. If you are a publisher, it is up to you to negotiate with booksellers and authors. If a bookseller resells them, then that is up to you and the bookseller.

AMAZON does not sell E-Book cards. You may continue selling your books (digital and print) on Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Books A Million, etc. without any interference.

E-Book card transactions take place between you (the publisher), bookseller,  and e-card holder.

Our fee covers:  one-time down load codes, hosting the files, and making the cards. The amount on our website is your complete cost for the amount of e-book cards that you order. That’s it.

Other great things about E-Book cards:

  • E-Book cards are easy to mail anywhere in the world!
  • They are perfect for:
    • Conventions
    • Conferences
    • Book Festivals
    • Author Signings
    • Marketing Collateral: biz cards with samples, instead of book markers,
    • Swag bags (E-Book cards cost much less than a printed book, weigh less, and are collectible  like CD covers)

HOSTING of Digital Files of YOUR BOOKS

We will give you a portal form widget to attach to your website. The E-Book card has the simple 1,2,3 instructions about how to download on the back of each e-card).

The instructions tell the holder to log-on to your website or you can have a separate menu that contains the widget (a form with a blank to enter the one-time code).

The Chanticleer widget is a portal on your website that your E-Book card holder enters the scratch code on her/his E-Book card to download your book(s).

We “host” the E-Book files on our secure server.

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Now this is something to CROW about! 

  1. We create the cards and the one time download code for each E-Book card for the stated fee.
  2. Ground shipping in the U.S.A. is included.
  3. Set-up is included with 300 dpi CRMK files (cover art) and back cover blurb.
  4. Hosting of e-pub file.
  5. FREE Portal widget leading your readers to your website for downloading of your e-pub.
  6. Mail anywhere in the world for the cost of a first class stamp, easy of use, and ease of transportation included.
  • 250 E-Book Cards for $225  —just 90 cents per card – a great alternative to a print run! 
  • 500 E-Book Cards for $298  —just  60 cents per card

Save more with higher quantities

  • 1,000 E-Book Cards for $425 —just 43 cents per card
  • 2,500 E-Book Cards for $798 —just 32 cents per card 
  • 5,000 E-Book Cards for $1,298 — just 26 cents per card

This page has photos:

To order your E-Book Cards today. It is as easy as 1,2,3! 

1. Submit payment for your selected quantity to our on-line store.

2. We will contact you and tell you where to email your digital files.

3. Reply to email with the files requested ( 300 dpi, CMYK files jpgs)

Any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact

OTHER OPTIONS – Premium E-Book Cards

We also offer a larger folding card (think of a greeting card) with a “scratch off”  code. This type of card comes with ultra super secure DRM. Premium E-Book cards are suggested for books that retail for more than $19.95.

  • Premium E-Book cards sell for $4.95 per card per title.
  • The Premium E-Book card foot print is approximately 4″ x 6″ with 4 “pages of “print” space.
  • The  minimum order is for 250 E-Book Cards per order.
  • Allow 8-to-10 weeks for order.

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To order Premium E-Book Cards, email

E-Book Cards allow digital books to be sold in a tangible form.  This is cutting edge technology in the publishing biz.  We believe that E-Book Cards are the future of publishing for today’s era of unbounded books.