Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Awards for Published Novels Contest 2012 – Closed

List of Finalists

Grand Prize Winners

The CBR Blue Ribbon Awards for Published Novels Contest 2012  is now accepting entries for published works of 40,000+ words.  The purpose of this contest is to recognize  outstanding works in the  Novel genre that were originally published from 2008 until present.  Books may be self-published, Indie published, or under a publishing  contract.

The CBR  Published  Novel Contest 2012 categories are:

  • Mainstream
  • Mystery/Thriller (not Horror)
  • Historical
  • Cozy Mystery
  • Romance with elements of Mystery

Romance elements are welcome, but not required. Please  visit CBR’s Book Genre and Category Descriptions page for more information.  

Eligibility:  Published  Novels Contest 2012; Published, Self-Published, or under contract negotiations at time of entry.  We are accepting books that were originally published since Dec. 31,  2008 until present.  Entries are limited.  First entered, first accepted.

Entry Deadline:  June 15, 2012 FIRM.  Entries are limited.

The Published Division of the Novel Contest will be judged in Three Rounds:

  • Round One will judge the first 50 to 68 pages (to the last page of the chapter that is no more than 68 pages and not less than  50 pages from the opening paragraph).  Judges will use Round One Score Sheets.  Entry must score 41 points out of 54 to move on to Round Two.
  • Round Two will evaluate entries that have scored 41 points or more in Round One with Round Two Score Sheets.
  • Round Two Entries must score at least 51 points out of 60 points to move forward to the Finalist Round.
  • Combined Scores of 92 points from Rounds One and Two are required to move on the Finalist Round.
  • The Finalist Round, Round Three, will be judged by a panel of published writers, agents, publishers, and editors.
  • The Finalist Round Panel’s individual  scores will be averaged to determine the winning entries.

Published  Novel Contest 2012 Datelines:

  • Round Two Finalists (first several chapters) will be posted on the Chanticleer Book Reviews website on or around July 20, 2012.
  • Round Two winning entries will be posted on the Chanticleer Book Reviews website on or around July  20, 2012.
  • Round Three Finalists will be called or emailed on or around July 30, 2012.
  • Division Grand Prize Winners and First Place Category Blue Ribbon Winners will be notified on or before August 15, 2012 by phone call or email.
  • All Finalists & First Place Category  will be posted and published on all of Chanticleer Book Reviews websites, social media sites, news feeds, and other media.
  • Score Sheets will be returned to authors  if a SASE is supplied with entered books.

Writing Competition Prizes

Grand Prize Winner for the  entire  CBR Blue Ribbon Awards Published Novel will be a  Chanticleer Book Review Package (valued at $ 245.00)  and CBR Blue Ribbons for promotional purposes. This is based on overall final score, not by category.

First Place Category Finalists in each category will win a Chanticleer Book Review Package (valued at $ 245.00) and CBR First Place Blue Ribbons.

All Finalists will be awarded CBR Blue Ribbon Finalist awards to use in promotion of the book that placed in the Finalists Round.

How to Enter CBR Published Novel Contest 2012

  • Entering:  You may enter your published novel into several categories. However, the contest fee must be paid for each entry.  And you may enter several published novels into the contest, but a fee must be paid for each entry per category.
  • Each separate entry must be accompanied by an official entry form and separate payment.
  • Fees:   $ 35 RWA  members in good standing;  $ 40 non-members
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Fees are payable through PayPal on the CBR website.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to use Pay Pal.
  • After receiving entry fees and forms, we will contact you about where to email or mail the book(s) that you have entered into the CBR Published Novels Contest 2012.
  • Format of Entries:  Printed Books will be accepted.  Two copies must be supplied for the first round per category.  If entry moves forward to next round another copy will required for scoring.
  • Digital/Electronic Book entries will be accepted and are preferred.


The Fine Print:

CBR cannot be held responsible for any failure of the delivery of entries due to any electronic or Internet outage issues or with the temporary cessation of the U.S. Postal Delivery Service.

By entering this contest you agree that you have read, understand and agree that contest judging and book reviewing is subjective.  All reviews and contest judging and scoring may not be the feedback that you may not agree with. However, by entering this contest you are agreeing  to accept and abide by the decision making of the judges, contest officials and CBR editors in the scoring and judging of the books that you have entered.  When you click “accept” on the entry form you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the officers, judges, reviewers, members,  and owners of Chanticleer Book Reviews and Chanticleer Publishing and Media, L.L.C. a subsidiary of Delta Latitude, L.L.C. , from liability for its/their actions arising from, or relating to, the judging and handling of your entry, and conducting, sponsoring, and advertising the contest.

Entries must be published novel  and cannot have been published earlier than Dec. 31, 2008. Reprints or Imprints of books published earlier than Dec. 31, 2008 will not be accepted.