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Want to be a Best-Seller? It’s All About the Influence!  How to Grow Your Audience Using Key Industry Influencers – Shari Stauch

•    Why reviews and sharing reviews across your platform matters
•    How to reach into the homes of readers via live book clubs
•    Creating reader communities using local indie bookstores and libraries
•    Cause marketing and its added benefit to authors
Learn how book reviewers, book bloggers and live book clubs can tip the sales scale in an author’s favor. This discussion includes sources for finding your reviewers and clubs as well as suggestions on how to approach them with your book(s).
With WWW’s Shari Stauch

It’s a Blog-Eat-Blog World:
How to Find and Connect with Your Audience with Shari Stauch

•    Why blogging increases your sphere of influence
•    Today’s easy blogging platforms
•    Expanding your blog audience in minutes a day
Learn why the blogosphere has become so influential in people’s reading and buying decisions and how to begin blogging and identify the topics and keywords relevant to your audience. Learn how to grow your audience using SEO and social media; and how to widen your circles of influence with free tools, exchanging guest blogs and more.
With WWW’s Shari Stauch

Data Driven Marketing: Engaging Readers & Driving SalesElizabeth Dimarco

Discovery that Matters – Kathy Weber

Collaboration and Networking: The New Collaborative Economy and How it Affects  Today’s Publishing;  —by Renata Kowalczyk

This new age of publishing operates under a brand new set of rules where your ability to succeed is directly tied to how well you work with others. I will share “the 5 Keys to Putting the Power of Collaboration that will Empower Your Publishing Goals” in this session.

Common Problems in Self-published Books and How to Avoid Them — by Pamela Beason

Distribution –  The Secret to Increased Book Sales – by Bennett Coles

The Internet of Things and the New Golden Age of PublishingArgus Brown

Brainstorming — How to Jumpstart Your Next Novel Series by Pamela Beason

 The Writer’s JourneyPam Binder

Indie vs. Traditional Publishing from a Hybrid PublisherPamela Beason

Writing Women’s FictionJanet K. Shawgo, Kate Vale, Judith Kirscht, & Danica Winters

Literary FictionMichael Hurley

The Art of Making Things Happen! Executive Film Producer and Marketing Whiz – Diane Isaacs

Omni-channel Commerce and PublishingKathryn Brown

Personal Positioning – Branding YourselfKathryn Brown

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