Show off your Chanticleer Digital Badge!

Display it with pride! Here’s how to insert your badge onto your web page, which will link your badge either to your book review, or to the mention of your award on If you have a webmaster, feel free to send them to this page to get the code.

  1. Please find your award winning entry by category. We’ve provided a thumbnail preview of your badge for reference, which is about half the size of the actual badge.
  2. Open your web site editor
  3. Copy the code in the grey box:
    Select all the code starting with “<a” and ending with “</a >”.
    Tip: To select the code, click and hold before the “<a”. With the click held down, drag to the end of the box. You can release the click now. The text should be highlighted.
    With the text highlighted, use “control C” (or “edit/copy” in your browser) to copy.
  4. Paste the code into your website page editor. Position your cursor where you want to insert the badge, then use “control V” (or “edit/paste” in your browser) to paste.
  5. If using WordPress, make sure you’re using the text mode rather than the visual mode in your editing box.

2014 Cygnus Awards
This should be in html
Chanticleer Cygnus Awards