Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press (June 2013)
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Dinah Pelerin, cultural anthropologist and world traveler, is ready for romance and relaxation. Her Norwegian police force boyfriend, Thor, has invited her to join him at a Greek villa that he rented for his sabbatical holiday.

The villa is located on the island of Samos—famous for its sweet wine, birthplace of Pythagoras and Hera, queen of the Olympian gods. Dinah plans on joining an archaeological dig in Turkey at the end of summer after basking in the land of the Greek mythology. The perfect summer vacation awaits her. Or, so it seems.

Idyllic as the setting is, Dinah’s dream vacation is startlingly interrupted on day one of it. She and Thor spotted a body as they were walking home from the village taverna—the same man who they just saw arguing with an old man—is now sprawled on the ground with a gaping hole in his chest. The murder was so recent that the body is still warm. Dinah starts to believe that trouble follows her wherever she goes. Thor goes back into “policeman mode full-throttle.”

Dinah has also learned that their vacation villa was the home of the local movie star of the 60s, Marilita Stephan, who was accused of committing three murders on a remote beach on Samos: her boyfriend, his mother, and a powerful colonel in the military junta. Marilita was arrested and tried for the crime, and executed later by a firing squad in nineteen-seventy-three—several days before her fortieth birthday. Dinah is more than a little perturbed when she also discovers that Thor is fascinated by the circumstances of the event and that is why he chose this particular Greek island and this particular villa for their romantic holiday.

To add to the complications, Dinah’s troubled and out-of-hand sixteen-year-old niece, K.D., turns up on their vacation villa’s doorsteps. K.D. adds her own lively dimension into the storyline as only a sixteen- year-old teenager could. The rosiness of Dinah’s romantic getaway is turning as blue as the Aegean.

Enter the CIA and Interpol, false identification papers, the Norwegian Intelligence, terrorist guns, suspicious locals, and old grudges, secret letters, and “evil eyes” everywhere—all seemingly connecting  back to Marilita Stephan.

Thor disappears, but his car is found plunged off a cliff. Contrary to what everyone tells her, Dinah believes that Thor is still alive and that she must find him before it is too late.  Dinah doesn’t know who to believe or trust—especially the local police. The suspense rapidly intensifies as she starts piecing the clues together, which place Dinah and her niece in peril as they frantically search for Thor.

Ms. Matthews is adept at placing the reader into the hardships of the current Greek economic debt crisis as well as interjecting bits of history and mythology into her compelling story-line. By doing so, she captures the essence of the day-to-day life of modern Greeks who must eke out a living in exacerbating politico/economic circumstances as they live and work in the shadows of the temple ruins of the golden age of Greece.

Feel the Mediterranean heat, the treacherous traverses of the island’s landscape, the scent of the wild thyme, and the ever changing colors of the Aegean Sea as Ms. Matthews’ evocative descriptions take you to Samos. She places you at the local village taverna where you hear the buzz of gossip and feel the rumble of the “Tourkos” F16s as they roar overhead.The colorful characters and intriguing plot twists make Her Boyfriend’s Bones a gratifying and diverting page-turner.

Her Boyfriend’s Bones, is the fourth novel in the entertaining and marvelously researched Dinah Pelerin mystery series. Readers need not look any further to be transported to adventures faraway.