Geoffrey-Chaucer-9245691-1-402It is our pleasure to post the official list of the FINALISTS Round of The Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction, 2013.

Finalists will compete for 1st Place Category positions. First Place Category winners will compete for Overall Best of Historical Fiction Genre Chaucer Award 2013.

The Chaucer Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of  Historical Fiction. It is a division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Competitions.

Finalists for the CHAUCER Awards 2013 are:

  • I, Walter  by Mike Hartner
  • Daughters of India by Kavita Jade
  • Crossing Purgatory  by Gary Schanbacher
  • The Jossing Affair by J. L. Oakley
  • Deal with the Devil by J. Gunnar Grey
  • The Romanovs Wish You Health in the New Year by Linda Gorelova
  • Divine Vengeanance  by David W. Koons
  • The Wren and The Eagle by Robert Nowak
  • Wait for Me by Janet K. Shawgo
  • Lick Creek by Deborah Lincoln
  • Strains of an Aeolian Harp by Emma Rose Millar
  • Poplar Hill by S. R. Glines
  • Ford at Valverde  by Anita Melillo
  • Painting Bridges by Patricia Averbach
  • Propositum by  Sean Curley
  • Fort Douglas by Nancy Foshee
  • The Spirit Room  by Marschel Paul
  • Traitors Gate by David Chacko & Alexander Kulcsar
  • Lady Blade  by C. J. Thrush

Congratulations to the CHAUCER Awards for Historical Fiction Finalists!

Good luck to all in the next two rounds!  1st Place Category winners will be announced before Dec. 30, 2013.