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Petra Minx may look young, but she is a Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with over ten years in the Marine Unit and Special Investigations. Her qualifications and good looks make her the ideal person to go undercover to find the missing daughter of an influential Canadian politician. Emily Mortlake is young woman known for partying and getting into trouble. Her father can’t bear the thought of her creating more public scandal that he will have to handle.

Marion Leigh’s book, The Politician’s Daughter, takes us from Canada, to Southern England, and then down to the Mediterranean where she applies for a “hostess” position on the mega yacht Titania, the last known place Emily was seen. Once Minx goes undercover as a hostess, she discovers her old friend Carlo, who now works with Interpol, is posing as a bartender on the mega yacht.

We follow Minx’s investigation into a criminal underworld that centers on the mega yacht Titania and her owner, Don León. Minx is initiated into the sordid excesses of Titania’s clientele who are used to getting what they want–no matter what the cost in this action thriller.

During her mission, Minx focuses on Carlo’s drug investigation, the potential to get close to the ruthless Don León, and dealing with the wealthy sexual perverts she encounters only to find out that everyone has a different theory as to when, why, and where Emily left the yacht. Meanwhile, we, the readers, are taken to Monte Carlo, Italy, Spain, Morocco, and other Med destinations of the rich and famous. Leigh’s images and descriptions of the seascape, Spanish cities, and boats, are well-realized and easy to visualize as Minx seeks answers to what has happened to Emily in this action thriller. Is she dead? Has she been kidnapped? Is she still alive somewhere?

The mega yacht Titania and its clients asserts a certain allure to the innocent and the glamour seekers. Leigh’s scenes jump between subtle power struggles, drug wars, and the ever-returning sexual perverts. There is a juxtaposition of glamour and depravity. Be prepared for violence, sex scenes that are not “lovemaking,” and perversions.

What keeps the mystery going throughout the novel is the question of why Emily Mortlake disappeared. The novel is kept interesting because each character sees himself or herself as the good guy. All characters act to protect their own interests, and put those they love or want to possess above their own needs. This reviewer would have liked to have read more about Leigh’s characters and have their personalities showcased.

The Politician’s Daughter’s mix of mystery, puzzles, unexpected twists, and potential villains makes it an entertaining adult read. Even Minx is seduced by Don León’s worldly charms even as her life becomes more endangered and she realizes that time may running out for Emily. Marion Leigh’s use of imagery sets up scenes well making The Politician’s Daughter a vacation read accompanied by a cosmo or a gin and tonic.