10661738_708171912601610_1201318577648593865_oWhat an exciting fall here at Chanticleer!

We have so much good news that it is hard to know where to start! 

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A new CBR Events Calendar

Check out our new “Where is Chanticleer?” Events Calendar on the homepage. It will list all the conferences, conventions, and book fairs where you can find Chanticleer. The Events Calendar will also have an ongoing  listing of any classes or workshops that we are offering or presenting.

Did you know that you can find Chanticleer at ECWC conference, SiWC conference, and the Northwest Book Fair in October and the first weekend in November? Check the CBR Events Calendar for more information!

Featured Book Review on the CBR Homepage

Take a peek at this awesome new promotional tool that takes advantage of Chanticleer’s ever increasing web traffic. It features an enlarged graphic of the book cover , a short “bite” of the review with a direct link to the full CBR review−all on the home page of the Chanticleer website. The CBR review has links to sites where the book may be purchased and a link to the author’s or publisher’s website.



Featured Author on the CBR Homepage

Featured AuthorAuthor platform branding can now benefit from a new enhancement tool that is featured on the homepage of Chanticleer’s website. Each Featured Author’s post will include the author’s branding photo,  a link to the author’s website,  and the link to CBR’s full review that has direct links to online booksellers.



CBR Blue Ribbon Grand  Winners announced

Click on this link to see the titles and authors who were awarded the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Grand Prize Awards for 2013. Each genre’s grand prize winner links to the First in Category winners! All award winning titles and authors were announced and recognized (if in attendance)  at the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Banquet held on Saturday, September 20th, 2014.


We are asking that the Members of the Chanticleer Community of Writers and Readers share and post the link.  We want to create as much buzz as possible for the CBR award winning authors through collaboration and networking!

We will have photos of the event posted soon on the Conference section of the website.

Chanticleer Reviews Online Magazine – First Issue is Now LIVE!

We are excited about all the new opportunities that this magazine to CBR International Community of Authors and Readers!

front-page-magThe Chanticleer Reviews magazine  will provide useful information along with  inspiration by listing award winning authors and their titles along with CBR’s top reviews to make them easily accessible to publishing professionals, booksellers, literary agents, publishing houses, distributors, and to potential new readers.

The platform that we are utilizing for our online magazine is ISSUU known for its ease of “sharability” on social media and a widely utilized within the global internet community.


ISSUU offers an exciting new way to engage with others with its ISSUU Clip tool. Now you can easily share and comment on any part of the Chanticleer Reviews publication that inspires you. Click the blue outlines to interact with clips published in Chanticleer Reviews online magazine. Click the PLUS sign to see clips made by fellow readers or create your own. Sharing reviews or author spotlights is easy. All you have to do is open the magazine, go to the page you want, and select share from the current page. You can then tweet, pin, and post to your hearts’ content on any social media platform you’d like. Directions are easy to follow and to “close”the magazine, simply click your “escape” key.  
It is easy to share your favorite reviews and articles with the ISSUU CLIP. Now you can share and comment on any part of the Chanticleer Reviews magazine that inspires you.

Your participation is what makes the Chanticleer International Community of Authors and Readers such an awesome and active group of authors, book lovers and publishing professionals. Thank you!

As always, we love feedback! We welcome your questions, concerns, and, most importantly, your suggestions! Email me directly at KBrown@ChantiReviews.com

More good news to come! And be sure to check the website as it is updated almost daily!

Kiffer Brown, CBR

Kiffer Brown, Head Hen at Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media, L.L.C.