The CHAUCER Awards recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Historical Fiction Novels. The Chaucer Awards is a division of the Chanticleer International Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Competitions.

More than $25,000 dollars in cash and prizes will be awarded to Chanticleer International Blue Ribbon Awards Winners annually.

The Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction has twelve categories to compete in for First Place Category Positions. The Chaucer First in Category award winners will compete for the Chaucer Grand Prize Award for Best Historical Book 2014. Grand Prize  winners, blue ribbons, and prizes will be announced and awarded on September 29th at the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala, Bellingham, Wash.







We are proud to announce last year’s award winners and this year’s Chaucer finalists at the Historical Novel Society’s 2015 Conference in  Denver, Colorado that will take place on June 27, 2015.


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The CHAUCER Historical Novel Competition Categories are:

  • Women’s Historical Fiction
  • Legacy/Legend
  • Pre-historic
  • Ancient History
  • Medieval, Renaissance, Dark Ages
  • Elizabethan/Tudor
  • 1600s
  • Regency, Victorian, 1700s & 1800s
  • Turn of the 19th century
  • Turn of the 20th century
  • World Wars
  • Young Adult/New Adult
  • World/International History

Congratulations to following CHAUCER 2014 FINALISTS and good luck to all as they compete for the twelve First In Category positions:

  • Michael S. Pritchett for Saints and Strangers
  • P. Lorraine Buck for By Blood and By Vow
  • J.S. Dunn for Bending the Boyne
  • Mary S. Black for Peyote Fire
  • S. Thomas Bailey for Forest Sentinels: The Gauntlet Runner
  • Kerryn Reid for Learning to Waltz
  • Sandy James for Runaway
  • Michael J. Cooper for The Rabbi’s Knight
  • J. P. Kenna for Beyond the Divide
  • R.N. Vick for Wings of Fury 
  • Patricia Averbach for Painting Bridges
  • Rebecca Lochlann for The Year-God’s Daughter and The Thinara King
  • Jared McVay for The Legend of Joe, Willy, & Red
  • Syril Levin Kline for Shakespeare’s Changeling: A Fault Against the Dead
  • Emma Rose Milar and Kevin Allen for Five Guns Blazing
  • Elizabeth Soloway for The Great Deception
  • Anna Angelidakis for The Icon Thief 
  • T.E. Taylor for Zeus of Ithome
  • J.L. Oakley for Timber Rose
  • Susanne Petito Egielski for Nelson’s Castle: a Bronte Fairy Tale
  • David Brendan Hopes for The One with the Beautiful Necklaces
  • Lilian Gafni for The Alhambra Decree: Flower of Castile
  • Gloria Javillonar Palileo for The Indios
  • William Jarvis for The Partisan
  • Helena P. Schrader for St. Louis’ Knight 
  • Michele Rene for I Once Knew Vincent
  • Jodi Lew Smith for The Clever Mill Horse
  • Catherine A Wilson and Catherine T Wilson for The Lily and The Lion
  • Gregory Erich Phillips for The Love of Finished Years
  • Chelsea Lemon Fetzer for The River Map
  • Ben Sharpton for 7 Sanctuaries 
  • Jeff Ridenour for The Art Procurer
  • Elisabeth Storrs for The Golden Dice: A Tale of Ancient Rome
  • Sharon Short for My One Square Inch of Alaska
  • Ruth Hull Chatlien for The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte
  • Ginger Cucolo for The Knoll and Beyond the Knoll
  • Wendy Roberts for Where the Foxes Say Goodnight
  • Jeff Braun for The Secret of the Just
  • Dr. Evan Mahoney for Nongae of Love and Courage
  • Steph A Amey for Holloway 8632
  • Jeni Renner for Puritan Witch
  • James Zerndt for The Korean Word for Butterfly
  • Michael Hugos for Leptis Magna: Emperor’s Dream on the Edge of a Desert 
  • William Meisheid for The Partisan
  • Donna Scott for Shame the Devil
  • Karleene Morrow for Destinies
  • Gita Simic and G.T. Simm for As for Costanza
  • Michael D. McGranahan for Silver Kings and Sons of Bitches

Finalists will continue on to compete for a first place category win in their sub-genre, and then for the overall grand prize of the 2014 Chaucer Awards. The First In Category award winners will receive an award package including a complimentary book review, digital award badges, shelf talkers, book stickers, and more.

We are now accepting entries into the 2015 Chaucer Awards. The deadline is May 31, 2015. Click here for more information or to enter.

More than $30,000 worth of cash and prizes will be awarded to the Chanticleer Novel Writing Competition winners! Ten genres to enter your novels and compete on an international level.

Who will take home the $1,000 purse this September at the Chanticleer Awards Gala and Banquet?

Last year’s Chanticleer Grand Prize winner was Michael Hurley, for The Prodigal.

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