great symmetry james wellsIf you could hold in the palm of your hand an object that could change the course of humanity’s future. What would you do?

Archaeologist Evan McElroy has made a discovery about an extinct alien race. But Evan’s corporate sponsor sees the potential to make huge gains if the new findings are kept completely secret. Step one of their plan is to kill the entire research team – starting with Evan.

As Evan flees for his life, his trajectory awakens a long-buried struggle. The Infoterrorists, who believe all ideas are screaming to be free, have been waiting for the right moment to take on the seven great families that control all of civilization. This could be their opportunity. Or, it could be time for millions to die.

“The Great Symmetry” is pure classic science fiction from the great-grandson of science fiction pioneering author H.G. Wells, James R. Wells.

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