The CYGNUS Awards writing competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of  Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction. The Cygnus Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Awards International Writing Competitions.

We are pleased to announce the CYGNUS  Awards Official Finalists List for 2015, otherwise known as the “Short List” from all the 2015 entries received. The Official Finalists Listing is comprised of works that have passed the first three rounds of judging from the entire field of entrants. To pass the first three rounds of judging, more than sixty pages of the works below have been read and been deemed worthy by the CBR judges of continuing in competition for the CYGNUS Awards FIRST IN CATEGORY positions and their prize packages.

 Congratulations to the CYGNUS AWARDS 2015 FINALISTS and Good Luck as they compete for the First Place Category Positions:

  • Alex McIntoshThe Limits of Control
  • B.T. JamesThe Tales of New Atlantis: Book One “Summer School” 
  • Bruce CampbellCoyote Calls Down the Gods
  • Arlianne NapierDivine Prophecy
  • Bruce CampbellKidnap City–An ET Love Story
  • C. A. KnutsenJanus Unfolding: Emergence
  • C. Edward BaldwinRememberers
  • Charlotte McGary & Sharon Faiola-PetersenThe Dream Crystals of Gandara
  • Steve LeBel for The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty
  • Debra ErfertWindow of Death
  • Deen FerrellCryptic Spaces: Eight Queens
  • Elisabeth HamillSong Magick
  • James WellsThe Great Symmetry
  • Janine A. SouthardCracked! A Magic iPhone Story
  • Jared RinaldiBridge Burner Hyperion
  • Jessica SchaubGateways
  • John YarrowThe Time Forward Project
  • Jon D. ZimmerThe Secret Invasion: Book One of The God Chronicles Trilogy
  • Julian HoxterCutterjunk
  • K. N. SalustroChasing Shadows
  • Karen Musser NortmanThe Time Travel Trailer
  • Earl CragoPrince of Prism
  • Kathrine LeannanFantasy
  • KB ShawNeworld Papers: The Historian’s Tale
  • L.S. KilroyThe Vitruvian Heir
  • Peggy L HendersonYellowstone Heart Song
  • Rhett C BrunoThe Circuit: Executor Rising
  • Rhonda L. DavisPath of the White Wolf
  • S. A. CarterThe Kuthun
  • S.K. HolderThe Quest of Narrigh
  • Rhett C. BrunoThe Circuit: Executor Rising
  • S.M. CoanInnerearth
  • Sabina KhanRealm of the Goddess
  • Sydney M. CooperForsaken Lands Book 1: Tragedy
  • Timothy S. JohnstonThe Freezer
  • Timothy S. JohnstonThe Furnace
  • Tommy PartlMechanized
  • V. LakshmanMythborn 2: Bane of the Warforged
  • Yuan JurCitadel 7:  The Gates of Wrath

Good luck to all the CYGNUS Awards Finalists who made the Short List as they compete for the First In Category Positions!

More than $30,000 dollars in cash and prizes are awarded to Chanticleer International Blue Ribbon Awards Winners annually.

cac16The CYGNUS First Place  Category award winners will compete for the CYGNUS Grand Prize Award for the 2015 Best Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction. Grand Prize winners, blue ribbons, and prizes will be announced and awarded on April 29, 2016 at the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala, Bellingham, Wash.

The First In Category award winners will receive an award package including a complimentary book review, digital award badges, shelf talkers, book stickers, and more.

We are now accepting entries into the 2017  CYGNUS Awards. The deadline is January 31st, 2017. Click here for more information or to enter. We have split CYGNUS Awards in to two separate competitions: Cygnus for Science Fiction and the OZMA awards for Fantasy. Visit our contest page for more information.

More than $30,000 worth of cash and prizes will be awarded to the 2015 Chanticleer Novel Writing Competition winners! Ten genres to enter your novels and compete on an international level.

Who will take home the $1,000 purse this coming April at the Chanticleer Awards Gala and Banquet?