Dante Rossetti Awards for YA FictionThe Dante Rossetti Writing Competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of  Young Adult Fiction. The Dante Rossetti Awards is a division of Chanticleer International Novel Writing Competitions.

More than $30,000.00 dollars worth of cash and prizes will be awarded to Chanticleer Book Reviews 2015 writing competition winners!

The Dante Rossetti Awards FIRST IN CATEGORY sub-genres  are:  Contemporary Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian/Edgy/Urban, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Historical Young Adult, YA Adventure, and Romance.

The following titles will compete for the FIRST IN CATEGORY Positions and Awards Packages.

This is the OFFICIAL Finalists List for the 2015 Shortlist of the Dante Rossetti 2015 Novel Writing Contest for Young Adult Fiction.

  • Sally Hughes for Bridget Casey: Revelation
  • Philip Carlisle for Time’s Will: Eyes of Phire
  • Robert Joseph for  Long Ago and Far Away
  • Jo Swanson for The Last Rodeo In Kingdom Come
  • Michael Burnam for The Last Stop
  • Kelley J. P. Lindberg for  True Love Never
  • Laurisa White Reyes for Memorable
  • Tristan R.B. for Written in Action
  • Kyle R. Zeller for Knights of the Withering Flame
  • Christopher Allan Poe for Dark Sight
  • Helena Loveland for Ylsnavan
  • E.E. Holmes for Spirit Prophecy: Book 2
  • Maggie Bolitho for Lockdown
  • Tanya Fyfe for Lost and Found
  • Gail Selvig for O.W.L.S. and Other Creatures of the Night
  • Luke Evans for Hex
  • Jo Swanson for The Last Rodeo in Kingdom Come
  • Lis Anna-Langston for Tupelo Honey
  • KB Shaw for Neworld Series
  • Alix Nichols for What If It’s Love
  • Glen Alan Burke for Jesse
  • Ben Hutchins for Lackawanna
  • Jesse Atkin for  The Flying Man
  • Pamela Woods-Jackson for Genius Summer
  • Verity Croker for May Day Mine
  • Robert Joseph for Long Ago and Far Away
  • Aiden Riley for The Red
  • Jamie Zerndt for The Cloud Seeders
  • Pamela Beason for Race with Danger
  • Melissa A. Craven for  Emerge: The Awakening
  • Nikki McCormack for The Girl and the Clockwork Cat
  • Patrick Hodges for Joshua’s Island
  • Michael Burnam, MD for The Last Stop
  • Kathe Maguire for The Harriet Club
  • Suzanne de Montigny for The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception
  • Laurisa White Reyes for Memorable
  • Laurence Sullivan for Rosewall Academy Valentine’s Day
  • Mike Hartner for I, Mary: Book 3 in the Crofter Saga
  • Olivia Wildenstein for Ghostboy, Chameleon & the Duke of Graffiti
  • Suzanne de Montigny for The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception
  • Stephanie DeLuca for Pilgrims 
  • Rikki Leigh Carson for The Princess and the Locket
  • Aiden Riley for The Red
  • Pat Johnson for The Virgin and Marilyn Monroe
  • Danielle Burnette for The Spanish Club
  • Cody Wagner for Camp NO Where – A Healing Home for Gay Kids
  • Michael Beyer for Magical Miss Morgan
  • Michael Sarrow for Mistress of Marrowglen

This is the Official List of Finalists for the 2015 Dante Rossetti Awards

The Dante Rossetti Finalists will compete for the Dante Rossetti First In Category Positions, which consists of Four Judging Rounds.  First Place Category Award winners will automatically be entered into the Dante Rossetti GRAND PRIZE AWARD competition, which has a cash prize of $250 or $500 dollars in editorial services. The CBR Grand Prize Genre Winners will compete for the CBR Overall Grand Prize for Best Book and its $1,000 purse.   

  • All First In Category Award Winners will receive high visibility along with special badges to wear during the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala.
  • First In Category winners will compete for the Dante Rossetti Awards Grand Prize Award for the $250 purse and the Dante Rossetti  Grand Prize Ribbon and badges.
  • TEN genre Grand Prize winning titles will compete for the $1,000 purse for CBR Best Book and Overall Grand Prize.
  • A coveted Chanticleer Book Review valued at $345 dollars U.S. CBR reviews will be published in the Chanticleer Reviews magazine in chronological order as to posting.
  • A CBR Blue Ribbon to use in promotion at book signings and book festivals
  • Digital award stickers for on-line promotion
  • Adhesive book stickers
  • Shelf-talkers and other promotional items
  • Promotion in print and on-line media
  • Review of book distributed to on-line sites and printed media publications
  • Review, cover art, and author synopsis listed in CBR’s newsletter
  • Default First in Category winners will not be declared. Contests are based on merit and writing craft in all of the Chanticleer Writing Competitions.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions at Info@ChantiReviews.com. 

Congratulations to the Finalists in this fiercely competitive contest! 

Good Luck to all of the Dante Rossetti Finalists as they compete for the coveted First Place Category  positions.

First In Category announcements will be made in our social media postings as the results come in.

The Dante Rossetti Grand Prize Winner will be announced at the April 30th, 2016 Chanticleer Writing Contests Annual Awards Gala, which takes place on the last evening of the Chanticleer Authors Conference that will be held in Bellingham, Wash. 

We are now accepting submissions into the 2016 Dante Rossetti Awards writing competition. The deadline for submissions is May 30th, 2016. Please click here for more information or to enter the contest.