SaraLargerHawaiiPhotoJoin award-winning novelist and editor Sara Stamey to explore one of the newest alternatives to traditional publishing at #CAC16.

Sara Stamey Unlocks Her Secrets to Successful Publishing 

After being published by a traditional “Big 5” house and then starting her own “micro-press,” Sara has now joined Book View Café, one of the leading co-op publishers. With over 50 professional novelist members, the co-op takes control of how its authors’ writing is published, bypassing restrictions and delays of mainstream publishers, and distributing straight to their readers.

“I was frustrated with my treatment by my traditional publisher and the endless delays, as well as mismanagement. But going it alone as an indie author was exhausting. Working together with a supportive group of fellow authors has made all the difference.”

Join Sara for an introduction to the cooperative publishing model and ideas for joining or creating your own author coop at the Chanticleer Authors Conference 2016. Sara will be sharing her knowledge of this economical and highly vetted publishing avenue that is available to qualified Indie authors.

“Our members donate the skills they have in return for the skills they need to publish books. So each of our members is both an author and an important cog in a publisher. We emulate everything a major publisher does.

We have editors, ebook formatters, print typesetters, cover designers, accountants, web designers, IT and legal professionals, PR people, administrators and managers.  We even sell sub-rights – we’ve sold the audio rights to a couple of hundred of our books for a very good six figure sum to Audible.

We also make our ebooks available in libraries – selling to them direct and via all the major library distributors like Overdrive, 3M, and Gardners.” -Book View Café member Chris Dolley

“I love the freedom, the fact that we can mix genres, that our books won’t be slashed to fit marketing’s mandated word count, that we get vigorous editorial feedback and it doesn’t take years, that people will do my formatting and covers for me. The team effort, I feel, makes us much greater than the sum of our parts.” -BVC member Sherwood Smith

Sara’s newest novels from Book View Café, both Chanticleer Award-winners:

  • The Ariadne Connection – CYGNUS 2014
  • Islands – Paranormal Awards 2014.



Listen to Sara Stamey talk about indie publishing on Episode 05 of “The Whatcom Wordsmith” podcast with Jennifer Karchmer.