Neworld Papers: A Warriors' Tale
Publisher: (April 10, 2016)
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The highly-anticipated sequel to Neworld Papers: The Historian’s Tale brings readers back into the mysterious Neworld, a world founded by former inhabitants of Earth who fled after the planet fell to chaos and war. Deemed genetically superior and above violence, these founders created a utopia that appears to be free of war, greed, lust, and the worst of human nature.

When Fallon, a teenager with a photographic memory and an unusual drawing talent, was thrust into the middle of an underground movement, he discovered that his world has deep, dark secrets. He ventured into the depths of the world, documenting the planet’s true history, the motives behind the world’s leaders’ acttions, and the heinous crimes they had committed. Fallon became Neworld’s very first truthful historian.

Now, in Neworld Papers: The Warrior’s Tale, Fallon is revered as a hero in the Solarist movement as his written records of truth make their way around the world. As everyone in the movement looks to him for leadership, he must choose the direction of the rebellion: reverting to ancestral violence or embracing a path of peace.

Once Fallon rallies the Solarists, he finds himself once again exploring Neworld to uncover ancient secrets as his underground companions discover how their enemies have been controlling their forces and are working to regain manipulation of the truth ad history.

Shaw has expertly built a world that draws readers into its rich and complex past. Neworld was founded with the purpose of eliminating everything that is wrong with human nature and to create a utopia that dictates the lives of its inhabitants through contracts and emotionless interactions to maintain peace. But, as we know, human nature doesn’t like to be controlled.

Beyond the fascinations of Neworld, readers are coaxed into the lives of complicated and endearing characters. Fallon and his companions cope with the scars of violence and loss, while coming to terms with fiery emotions in a world that tries to suppress them. Fallon and his companion, Addie,  to navigate a tumultuous relationship while they come to terms with how they came to this world and what they must do to take it back.

The Neworld Papers series by KB Shaw is a beautifully sculpted work of science fiction that delves into the complexities of human emotion through characters who battle grief, explore romantic ties, and defy global suppression.