Publisher: Balboa Press (2014)
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People who feel a pull to go beyond what Dr. Siler calls “Normalville” will find treasures in this book. Devotees of Carlos Castenados will find this work particularly interesting. Followers of different paths can find gems to enjoy. I admire the author for sharing her extraordinary life with us.

During intense seeking and searching for two decades during her unique spiritual journey, Dr. Siler strives to trust the process and not just the results. She feels a knowing pulsing within her and a compulsion to deliver a message, but before she can pass along the information she feels that she must increase her spiritual energy. Fear and self-doubt block her, swinging her between the positive and the negative. Her supernatural mentors help her forge ahead through periods of deep devastation by easing her journey with intermittent gifts of joy, augmented by physical clues beyond coincidence––clues holding deep meaning for the Dr. Siler.

The author includes a handy road-map to help navigate the book that is divided into four parts. Siler reminds us that this is not a work of fiction, but is an account of her personal experiences. She also warns her readers that at times they may be confused or find that the information meanders and wanders. However, she advises to keep reading as that was her intent so that the information she presents “will percolate” and will make sense as the readers’ minds awaken to flashes of insight.

Dr. Siler tells us that her guides (spiritual and in the flesh) withhold enlightenment from her until she re-energizes her spiritual maturity and is ready to receive their wisdom. Clarity might come to readers like clarity came to the author, at the end of a stage in their spiritual journeys.

Dr. Siler believes the time is at hand for the feminine energy, the right brain creative side in both men and women, to reach its fullness. She states that the attitude of inequality that lingers in some men and women must cease. And moreover, unequal treatment in the world at large must stop.

Decoding the Butterfly Promise: Regaining Our Sacred Power by Gail Siler, PhD (an international consultant and social scientist) invites us to witness her unique spiritual journey. Our journeys are destined to take humankind from the negative to the positive—the power of love–is the lesson that Dr. Siler imparts to her readers. Overall, this work will raise questions and open doors to different perspectives, and the satisfying ending promises more to come in the next of Dr. Siler’s series The Godmother Chronicles.