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A ruthless international cartel aims to control the world’s food supply and destroy anyone who gets in their way in this latest action-packed– OMG! this could really happen–global thriller from the author of award-winning Dark Seed.

Author Lawrence Verigin returns with his memorable cast of characters in this sequel in his enthralling thriller/suspense series that focuses on GMOs (genetically modified foods) and the international companies that control their ever-increasing impact on the world’s food supply.

When affable investigative reporter Nick Barnes responds to an urgent request from one of his old colleagues, Summer Perkins, and sets out to meet her in a rundown San Francisco dive bar, he doesn’t expect to find her murdered corpse waiting for him in a darkened booth. With his investigative instincts kicking in hard, Nick returns home and starts making calls trying to discover what story Summer might have been working on that could have gotten her killed.

In short order, Nick’s curiosity puts him squarely in the sights of the ruthless industrialist cartel. His life—along with that of several of his colleagues—is now threatened. Meanwhile, the local cop who is in charge of the investigation into Summer’s murder seems to be getting nowhere fast.

At the urging of his friends, Nick goes into hiding. A wealthy Texas businessman, who has had past personal ties to the cartel and has seen the error of his ways, comes to his aid.

The suspense builds as Nick and his cohorts are chased from one safe house to the next as they try to stay one step ahead of the cartel’s ruthless killers while they frantically work to uncover the scientific evidence they will need to expose the environmental carnage and famine that the genetically modified seeds will wreak upon the world’s population.

Extensively researched, Seed of Control is an engrossing suspense thriller that comes with a timely warning about the possibly devastating effects genetically modified plants can have on the world’s fragile environment. The work is a powerful warning about the perils of allowing a few monolithic corporations to control the world’s supply of seeds, their only motive being profit rather than the health and survival of third and fourth-world at-risk populations.

As the powerful cartel raises the stakes with their unlimited resources and ruthlessness, Nick becomes more determined than ever to expose their secret agenda and their means of implementing it.

Verigin’s Seed of Control global-thriller is about a conspiracy plan of unimaginable destruction. This riveting and timely novel brims with international intrigue and surprising plot twists. Highly recommended.