Fun and Inspirational Good-Fortune Horoscopes for Writers for the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rooster!  by 殿堂级 Diàntáng Jí (Chanticleer’s cousin)

January 28th heralds the New Year according to the Traditional Chinese  Calendar

This is the Year of the Rooster! 

Writers should expect more inspiration, increased creativity, and an increase in book sales with perseverance and diligence in publishing!

If your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rooster, it is advised that you wear a lot of RED this year to attract good luck. The red garments could be a scarf, socks, tee shirts, underwear, shirts, and they will bring you  more good luck if someone gives them to you.

This year you will be motivated to achieve your publishing goals and will be rewarded for your hard work and fierce ambition. This is the year to get those endorsement cover quotes from your favorite best selling authors. Special perks this year includes travel to your favorite destinations. Work hard and play hard. Dream big!


If your sign is a Dog:

You may want to step out of the box of your normal writing routine. Try writing in a new place and at a new time of day. If you write at home, update your writing space with elegant new touches. As your confidence increases, you will make new connections that will expand your readership.


If your sign is a Pig:

If you are published, this is your year to succeed and achieve! Be sure to schedule many author signings and book fairs/ This is your year to promote your books. Remember each new reader counts! Your imagination and creativity will give your entrepreneurial spirit a competitive edge.

If your sign is a Rat:

You are passionate about writing craft. This is the year to indulge that passion with advanced writing classes. Excelling at grammar and punctuation is of paramount importance to you. You love to research and add just the right amount of details to your scenes and characters.

If your sign is an Ox:

Your stresses about writing will dissipate as you make a plan to achieve your writing goals for the year. Implement a new planning tool to help you organize your writing. You may want to include an animal as a character in your current work. You like the challenge of getting inside your characters’ heads.

If your sign is a Tiger:

Embrace new challenges! Seek out book clubs to promote your works. Take a journey to some place you have never been before to broaden your horizons and rejuvenate your creativity. The destination could be near or far, but must be new to you. Presenting at book clubs is a very good way to  advance your writing career.


If your sign is a Rabbit:

Your investment in publishing will pay off. Splurge on that new cover design. Make sure to make time to share a cup of coffee or glass of wine with friends frequently. Consider the time an investment in your future happiness.  Your story telling tends to have subtle undercurrents of life lessons.


If your sign is a Dragon:

You are due for an awakening and fulfillment that will take your confidence to new levels. Be sure to keep a gratitude journal and mediate or do yoga every day. Be sure to support your favorite author friends! This is the year to take on that story challenge that you’ve been putting off.

If your sign is a Snake:

A healthy regimen will have you writing better than ever! Your romance scenes will brim with passion and energy that will make your characters charismatic and irresistible. The scenes do not have to be explicit, in fact, the more sensual without explicitness the more you will capture your reader’s imagination.

If your sign is a Horse:

If you have been considering writing in a new genre, this may be your time to do so. Parlay your writing experience of previous works into a new channel that will make your next work transcend genres creating a crossover novel that is groundbreaking.

If your sign is a Sheep:

Make your writing space cozier to create a place of harmony and warmth. Be sure to nurture fellow writers who are having craft issues or writer’s block. Your inspiration and support will turn these issues around for them while invigorating your own writing.

If your sign is a Monkey:

Make sure that you meet new people, travel to new places, and try new adventures. Try writing in new spaces. Attend a new conference that you haven’t been to before. Welcome new experiences and meet new people to reinvigorate your writing. You will be welcomed wherever you go!


Wondering How to Determine Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Use the handy table below to find your birth year.

We hope that you enjoyed this fun article that is meant as a way of thinking about new perspectives. 

Chanticleer believes that we each make our own destiny by being optimistic and positive, being kind and loving, by dreaming and inspiring, being bold and doing, by appreciating and being grateful, and by expanding our awareness of the Universe.

We wish you an AWESOME New Year of Good Fortune, Good Health, and Many Book Sales!

The Chanticleer Reviews Team