Cygnus Award for Science FictionThe Cygnus Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Science Fiction, Steampunk, and Speculative Fiction.  The Cygnus Book Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Competitions.


The following titles and their authors have made it past the initial “Slush-Pile Rounds” and will compete in the next rounds to see which titles will make it to  the 2017 CYGNUS Book Awards Short-List.

  • Lou Dischler – Meet Me Under the Comet
  • Jim Cronin – Hegira
  • Elizabeth Crowens – A Pocketful of Lodestones
  • Michelle Bryan – Strain of Resistance
  • Sara Stamey – Wild Card Run
  • Andrew P. Blaber – Fallow
  • MWAnderson – Breaching The Parallel
  • John Yarrow – The Future’s Dark Past
  • Pamela LePage – Virtuous Souls
  • Darrell Lee – The Gravitational Leap
  • Victoria Vass – Eleven: 1
  • David Neuner – Fear Factory
  • Chris Rasmussen – The Cat & The Fiddle
  • Rhett Bruno – From Ice to Ashes
  • Elizabeth Crowens – Silent Meridian
  • Magnus Victor – Oort Rising
  • Brian Cohn – The Last Detective
  • Julian North – Age of Order
  • Wende Dikec – Starr Valentine
  • Jerry Amernic – The Last Witness
  • Candace Sams – Galaxy Man
  • Leonard S. Tate – Journey to Nirvana
  • Cathy Parker – The Power of Three: The Novel of a Whale a Woman, and an Alien Child
  • Matthew Buscemi – Schrodinger’s City
  • Darren D. Beyer – Casimir Bridge
  • Marcus Julian Carbo – The Path to Arcadia: The Great Crisis
  • KB Shaw – Neworld Papers: The Warrior’s Tale
  • Andrew Craven – Moshiah 
  • Alexander Weinstein – Children of the New World
  • Carl S. Plumer – Demon Days 
  • Sencer Turun- Requiem for Ignorance
  • Andrew Craven – Wintercity Crossing
  • Michael Simon – First Command
  • Michele Fogal – Root of the Spark
  • Sydney M. Cooper – Forsaken Lands Book II: Sacrifice
  • Dayna Ingram – All Good Children

Good Luck to each of these Science Fiction writers! 

We are accepting entries into the 2018 Cygnus Awards Novel Competition for Science Fiction Works.

To compete in the 2018 CYGNUS Awards or for more information, please click here.

THE DEADLINE TO ENTER THE 2017 CYGNUS Novel Writing Competitions was April 30, 2017.

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