The JOURNEY Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding Narrative Non-fiction works. The JOURNEY Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Book Reviews International Book Awards.

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The following titles and their authors have made it past the initial “Slush-Pile Rounds” and will compete in the next rounds to see which titles will  be Short Listed for the 2017 Journey Book Awards.

Good Luck to All! 

  • Kari Rhyan – Standby for Broadcast
  • Patricia Walkow – The War Within, the Story of Josef
  • Marilynne Eucgubger – Lives of Museum Junkies
  • Roni McFadden – The Longest Trail
  • Theresa Mathews – Fishing With Hyenas
  • Bruce Rettig – Refraction
  • Karen Elizabeth Lee – The Full Catastrophe: A Memoir
  • Pattie Welek Hall – A Mother’s Dance: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, Full Circle
  • Alice Grant Bingner – Some Steps Back in Time
  • Dennis P Freed – Love Loss and Awakening
  • Donna LeClair/Emma Baker – Immunity
  • Susan Marie Conrad – Inside: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage
  • Judith Works – Coins in the Fountain
  • Valerie Gardener – Chapunza: Witch doctor, Ax-In-Head and Pink Baboons, Memoir of a Nurse in the African Bush
  • Lou Lesko – The Ghost of Communism
  • W. Hock Hochheim – Don’t Even Think About It
  • Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz – Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell
  • Tommy Donovan – The Rail: What Was Really Doin’ in the 60’s Bronx
  • Deeann Callis Graham – Head-On, Stories of Alopecia
  • Kevin M Maher – No Couches in Korea
  • Rachel Thompson – Broken Places: a  Memoir
  • Frank Iszak – Freedom Flight
  • Joseph William Simmons – Dirty Motel Shenanigans

These titles will compete to be SHORT LISTED in the next rounds.

We are accepting entries into the 2018 Journey Book Awards for Narrative Non-fiction works.

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