Cozy Mystery Fiction AwardThe M&M Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding Cozy and Not-So-Cozy Mysteries. The M&M Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Book Reviews International Book Awards.

The following titles and their authors have made it past the initial “Slush-Pile Rounds” and will compete in the next rounds to see which titles will  be Short Listed for the 2017  M&M  Book Awards.

Good Luck to All! 

D. J. Adamson – Suppose

M. K. Graff – The Golden Hour: A Nora Tierney English Mystery

Kathleen Kaska – Run Dog Run

Susan Breen – Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency

Michelle Cox – A Ring of Truth

Amy Boyles – Scared Witchless

Debra Sue Brice – Danni Girl Mysteries: The Complete Series

Jeanette Hubbard – Chasing Nathan

Kara Lumbley – As the Ribbons Fall

Susan Boles – Cherry Cake and a Cadaver

Fred Shackelford – The Ticket

Dennis M. Clausen – The Sins of Rachel Sims

M. Louisa Locke – Deadly Proof: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery

J. L. Skirvin – Jaguar Ravenz King

Elizabeth Crowens – Memoirs of an American Butterfly (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Alfred Hitchcock)

Mollie Hunt – Cat’s Paw

Catherine Bruns – Baked to Death

Libi Astaire – The Moon Taker

Cindy Sample – Dying for a Donut

Valerie Tate – Scapegoat

Valerie Tate – Frog Legs

Susan Boles – Death of a Wolfman

Betty Jean Craige – Fairfield’s Auction

Nancy G. West – River City Dead

Kim Hunt Harris – Unsightly Bulges, A Trailer Park Princess Cozy Mystery

Jennifer Mueller – Never Turn Your Back on a Wolf

Anna Castle – Moriarty Meets His Match

Cherie O’Boyle – Missing Mom

Sherrie Todd-Beshore – The Count Of Baldpate

David Selcer – The Dream Catcher Murders

Carol June Stover – Kenmore Square

Vee Kumari – DHARMA

Cody Schlegel – Junction

Lonna Enox – Striking Blind

Carl and Jane Bock – Coronado’s Trail:An Arizona Borderlands Mystery

Jeanne Burrows-Johnson – Prospect for Murder: A Natalie Seachrist Mystery

Suzette Hollingsworth – Sherlock Holmes and the Chocolate Menace

Traci Andrighetti – Amaretto Amber

Gary D Lewellyn – The Bluff

Susan Boles – Death Of A Wolfman

RD Vincent – Donbridge: The Ring, The Legend and The Midwife

Diane Weiner – Murder is Collegiate

Diane Weiner – A Deadly Course

Lucinda Brant – Deadly Peril: A Georgian Historical Mystery

Beth Wareham and Jason Davis – Hair Club Burning

Amy S. Peele – CUT

Richard T. Ryan – The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Lynn Bohart – Novel (No title given)

Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton – Murder and the Good Old Boys’ Club

Betty Jean Craige – Dam Witherston

J.L. Newton – Oink. A Food for Thought Mystery

Elaine L. Orr – Demise of a Devious Neighbor

J.G. Harlond – Local Resistance

These titles will compete to be SHORT LISTED in the next rounds.

We are accepting entries into the 2018 M&M Book Awards for Cozy and Not-So-Cozy Mysteries.

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