Post 1750s Historical Fiction Award

The following titles and their authors have made it past the initial “Slush-Pile Rounds” and will compete in the next rounds to see which titles will  be Short Listed for the 2017  Goethe Book Awards.




Congratulations to following 2017 Goethe post 1750s Historic Fiction Slushpile Survivors!

  • Blaine Beveridge – A Bit of Candy in Hard Times
  • Peter Curtis – The Dragontail Buttonhole
  • Michael T. Sheahan – Curse of MacSweeney Doe
  • PJ Devlin – Wissahickon Souls
  • Ellen Butler – The Brass Compass
  • John Hansen – Pursuit of Glory
  • Elizabeth Crowens – A Pocketful of Lodestones, Book Two in the Time Traveler Professor series
  • Gail Noble-Sanderson – The Passage Home to Meuse
  • Kristin Beck – The Rising Road
  • Sean Blair – The World We Forge
  • Michelle Rene – Hour Glass
  • Paul A. Barra – Murder in there Charleston Cathedral
  • Ron Singerton – A Cherry Blossom in Winter
  • J.R. Collins – The Boy Who Danced with Rabbits
  • Mark Fins – Imagine That
  • Joe Vitovec – Full Circle: A Refugee’s Tale
  • Robert G. Makin – Dirt McGirtt
  • Elizabeth Crowens – Silent Meridian, Book One in the Time Traveler Professor series
  • Eleanor Tatum – Silver Cotton
  • Nick K. Adams – Away at War: A Civil War Story of the Family Left Behind 
  • Sean P. Mahoney – Fenian’s Trace
  • Michelle Cox – A Ring of Truth
  • Barb Warner Deane – On The Homefront
  • Johnnie Bernhard – A Good Girl
  •  Peter Greene – Paladin’s War
  • Michael Aloysius O’Reilly – Desertion
  • Jack Mayer – Before the Court of Heaven
  • Jessica Dainty – The Shape of the Atmosphere
  • Lucinda Brant – Deadly Peril: A Georgian Historical Mystery 
  • Caren Umbarger – The Passion of Marta
  • Helen Walsh Folsom – Kells: The Risin’ of the Rebellion
  • Bruce Graham – Visitor from the Reich
  • Suzette Hollingsworth – Sherlock Holmes and the Chocolate Menace
  • L.L. Holt – Invictus
  • L.L. Holt – The Black Spaniard
  • Kalen Vaughan Johnson – Robbing the Pillars 

These titles are currently competing to be SHORTLISTED.

Good Luck to All!

We are accepting entries into the 2018 Goethe Book Awards for post 1750s Historical Fiction.

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