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Interested in a holiday cruise? Surround yourself with luxury, romance, secrets and multiple murders while traveling through the Caribbean with author Kaylin McFarren in her new sexy, action-packed book, Twisted Threads. There is only one assignment for a Japanese crime lord’s favorite assassin: take out a dastardly couple in less than ten days. But can Akira Hamada complete her mission without losing her head and heart during her most steamy and complicated hit thus far?

It isn’t part of the assignment to fall in love with someone close to murder suspects, Sara and Paul Lyons, but then Akira has never been bound by rules. Devon returns Akira’s feelings with all his being. However, there are notorious secrets between them, and now this surging romance is putting his life at risk as well. With no avenue for escape, multiple disappearances and murders increase the onboard tension. And that’s not all. Descriptions of the steamy scenes behind closed doors are beyond intense, with exhilarating adult situations and language.

So, will Akira successfully hit her assigned targets? Will she find out who is murdering cruise guests before becoming the secret assassin’s next victim? If Devon and Akira survive this murder mystery and the truth is revealed, will their hot romance flounder? There is only one way to answer these questions, and we are confident readers will be delighted in picking up Twisted Threads and finding out for themselves.

There is only one assignment for Mitsui-san’s favorite assassin but can Akira complete the mission without losing her head and heart? Get on-board for Kaylin McFarren’s most steamy and complicated assassination suspense thriller so far!