Fun and Inspirational Good-Fortune Horoscopes for Writers for the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dog!  by 殿堂级 Diàntáng Jí (Chanticleer’s cousin)


Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog


February 18th, 2018 heralds the New Year according to the Traditional Chinese  Calendar. 

This year of the Earth Dog comes after the year of the Fire Rooster (2017) and before the year of the Earth Pig (2019).  The Pig comes in as the last of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, making the year of the Dog the eleventh sign of the cycle. 

Chinese Horoscope astrologers forecast that 2018 will be a good year as opposed to the tumultuous last year of the Fire Rooster. The focus will be on home and hearth. The astrologers advise that 2018 is the year for all to start healthy habits and cut back on bad health habits.

Below are Chinese Horoscope forecasts for those who live the Writing Life

Note from Kiffer Brown:  Chanticleer believes that we each make our own destiny by being optimistic and positive, being kind and loving, by dreaming and inspiring, being bold and doing, by appreciating and being grateful, and by expanding our awareness of the Universe.

Enjoy and have fun!

If your sign is a Dog (honest, loyal, and hardworking):


This is your lucky year—if you thrive on hard work and discipline. Be sure to nourish and champion other writers in your life who are supportive of you as they will reward you later. Build good relationships with your editors to alleviate worry about your work in progress. It is forecasted that being a team player will be fortuitous for you. You will have the mental clarity to keep your writing flowing. Try not to control the flow or overthink the writing process. Trust in yourself.


If your sign is a Pig (kind, friendly, and curious):

Researching your family history may lead to new storylines and surprising new characters. If you can travel to your ancestors’ homelands, you will be inspired. Being inquisitive will pay off. If you are fortunate enough to be in the position to help other writers, you should do so. Do not become complacent, but be diligent about making good efforts in your work-in-progress. Don’t listen to nay-sayers. Explore new ways of connecting with readers.

If your sign is a Rat (amiable and creative):

Explore new areas, take up a new hobby or interest to supercharge your creativity. Have you been interested in writing in a second genre? If so, this may be your year to try it. Perhaps you should consider adding a dash more romance to your works…This year, celebrate the many good things in your life. This is the year to break out of your writing ruts. Your perfectionist tendencies can cause you to worry unnecessarily and to doubt yourself when you have no need to.

If your sign is an Ox (leaders and loyal friends)

Your attention to detail and being actively involved will serve you well this year! The year of the Earth Dog has the propensity to make prosperous in your endeavors. This is a good year to take on new projects and to expand your horizons. However, if you stick with bad routines and unsatisfactory projects, luck may turn its back on you. Have confidence in your self and your projects, but be moderate where spending money is concerned.

If your sign is a Tiger (passionate and have courage)

This is a particularly promising year for you. Your writerly connections will increase bringing you new opportunities. Forge ahead with your work-in-progress, but be sure to listen to advice given by your editors. Your writing is daring and powerful. You like to cross boundaries and break writing conventions, which is good. However, collaboration with those whom you respect will bring you success. Be sure to share your knowledge with other authors.

If your sign is a Rabbit (friendly and possessing great common sense):

This is the year to contemplate balancing your lifestyle. Are you spending too much time sitting in front of the computer? Are you drinking too much coffee or soda while writing? Be sure to take breaks for walks in nature to invigorate your creative juices. Speaking of juices, try more healthy drinks such as green or white tea instead of coffee this year. As for your writing projects, follow your instincts and try not to second guess yourself. Be sure to read some new books by authors whose works you have not read before.

If your sign is a Dragon (passionate and quickwitted)

This is the year to upgrade your computer/application skills. These new skills will take your writer’s career to a new level. Are there new technologies out there that will benefit your writing career? Be sure to investigate! Concentrate on your pursuits and keep your nose to the grindstone. Try to appear outwardly more moderate in your opinions during the year of the Dog. If you can’t leave a positive review, don’t leave one at all during the year of the Dog.

If your sign is a Snake (wise and almost mystical):

This is the year where you will discover new interests and new techniques to propel your writing career. You are able to hone in on trends before they become popular. Be sure to have your works evaluated and proofed before publishing this year. Don’t be hasty when it comes to publishing. Consider adding romantic elements to your work-in-progress. Be sure to read extensively during the year of the Dog. Be sure to promote and market your backlist in new ways. Your forecast says you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

If your sign is a Horse (independent and high-spirited):

This is your year to explore new cultures and geographies. This exploration will provide new inspiration for your future works and will supply the finishing touches for your work in progress. Be on the lookout for new platforms and methods to promote your works. Are you ready to take up a new challenge? Perhaps begin a new work? The astrologers forecast that conditions will be favorable—if you step up. Don’t doubt yourself. You have what it takes to take on that new writing project.

If your sign is a Sheep (artistic and compassionate):

Attitude is everything this year. Take a chance and try to connect with your favorite author who writes in your genre. The connection you cultivate may bring you new opportunities for your writing career. This year your writing talent will be extra magical. Be sure to line up author events, attend conferences/conventions, and try to reach out to new avenues to promote your works (perhaps at wine tastings, grocery stores, etc.). Try enlisting a few fellow authors in promotional events for the best results.

If your sign is a Monkey (confident and innovative) :

This is the year that you must be organized and prepared. If you are, then you will find brilliant solutions to your writer’s block or plotholes. These ups and downs will allow you to make significant progress—if you make the effort to organize your writing endeavors. Be sure to treat other writers with respect especially this year. If you want reviews from other authors, you must review their works first. An extra dose of friendliness and respect will go far.


If your sign is a Rooster (progressive thinkers and doers and unafraid to be different):

Be sure to take the time to step away from your computer/writing desk this year and exercise. This is the year to finally manage your weight.  Put your OCD tendencies to improve your health! Your tendency to work tirelessly at your work-in-progress should be balanced with exercise and good diet practices especially during the year of the Dog. Roosters are natural storytellers and love to do background research to add details to their works. Their drive, resourcefulness, and attention to writing craft will pave the way to their success as authors.  Most of all, try to have a fun and enjoyable year!

Wondering How to Determine Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Use the handy table below to find your birth year.

We hope that you enjoyed this fun blog post that is meant as a way of thinking about new perspectives. 

Chanticleer believes that we each make our own destiny by being optimistic and positive, being kind and loving, by dreaming and inspiring, being bold and doing, by appreciating and being grateful, and by expanding our awareness of the Universe.

We wish you an AWESOME New Year of Good Fortune, Good Health, and Many Book Sales!

The Chanticleer Reviews Team