Gertrude Warner Children's Chapter BooksThe Gertrude Warner Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Middle-Grade Readers. The Gertrude Warner Book Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBAwards) and Novel Competitions.

Chanticleer Book Reviews is looking for the best Chapter Books and Middle-Grade Readers featuring stories of all shapes and sizes written to an audience between the ages of about eight to twelve. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Historical, Adventure we will put them to the test and choose the best Middle-Grade Books among them.


These titles are in the running for the SHORT LIST of the 2018 GERTRUDE WARNER Book Awards writing competition for Middle-Young Adult Fiction Novels!

  • Alexander Edlund – Keelic and the Pathfinders of Midgarth
  • Rebekah Stelzer – Susa’s Story
  • M. P. Follin – Dakota Joy and the Traveling Stones
  • Joanna Cook – The Life of Bonnie Dickens
  • Victoria Adler – Emma and Mia
  • Ginger Heller – The Boy Who Rode the Tiger
  • Beth Cahn – Duncan Dogood: The Journey of the Would-Be Hero
  • Cheryl Carpinello – Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend
  • Jules Luther – The Portals of Peril 
  • James Sulzer – The Card People 
  • T. L. Frances – The Bird Queen’s Book
  • Vezna Maria Gottwald – Blue-Green Corduroy
  • Verity Byrne – Charmers and the Blood Red Candy
  • Patricia M Ahern – Pondlife: Blue Moon Eclipse
  • Patrick Thornton – Stepping Up
  • Elizabeth Doyle Carey – Junior Lifeguards: The Test
  • Kay M. Bates – The Adventures of Rug Bug: The Revolution
  • Diane Rios – Bridge of the Gods
  • P.H.C. Marchesi – Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes
  • Gloria Two-Feathers – Tallulah’s Flying Adventure
  • Pamela Hartley – The Final Rue of Naveena Bleu
  • Aric Cushing – Vampire Boy

These titles have moved forward in the judging rounds from SLUSH pile to the 2018 Gertrude Warner ti Book Awards LONG LIST (aka the Slush Pile Survivors). We incorporate the Long List when the judges request an additional round of judging to accommodate the number and/or quality of entries received.

These entries are now in competition for the 2018 Gertrude Warner SHORT LIST. Short Listers will compete for the Semi-Finalists positions. Semi-Finalists will compete for the coveted First  Place Category Winners of the 2018 Gertrude Warner Book Awards in the final rounds of judging.  The First Place Category winners will automatically be entered into the 2018 GERTRUDE WARNER GRAND PRIZE AWARD competition. 

The 16 CBR Grand Prize Genre Winners will compete for the CBR Overall Grand Prize for Best Book and its $1,000 purse. First Place Category and Grand Prize Awards will be announced and recognized at the Chanticleer Awards Banquet and Ceremony on Saturday, April 27th, 2019, Bellingham, Washington.


All Short Listers will receive high visibility along with special badges to wear during the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala.

Grand Prize Ribbons!

Good Luck to each of you as your works compete for the Gertrude Warner Book Awards Short List. 

Bek Castro, Paul Aerkter, Murray Richter

The Gertrude Warner Grand Prize Winner and the First Place Category Position award winners will be announced at the April 27th, 2019 Chanticleer Book Awards Annual Awards Gala, which takes place at the Chanticleer Authors Conference that will be held in Bellingham, Wash. 

We are now accepting submissions into the 2019 Gertrude Warner Book  Awards writing competition. The deadline for submissions is May 30th, 2019. Please click here for more information. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions at