Cygnus Award for Science FictionThe Cygnus Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Science Fiction, Steampunk, Alternative History, and Speculative Fiction.  The Cygnus Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer International Book Awards and Novel Competitions (CIBA).

These titles have moved forward in the judging rounds from Long Listers (Slush Pile Survivors) to the 2018 Cygnus Book Awards SHORT LIST. These entries are now in competition for the limited 2018 Cygnus  Semi-Finalists from which the First Place Category Positions will be chosen. The Cygnus Book Awards Semi-Finalists and First Place Positions along with the CYGNUS Grand Prize Award Winner will be announced at the Awards Gala on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. 

Deadline for 2018 CYGNUS Book Awards submissions was April 30, 2018. We are now accepting entries into the 2019 CYGNUS Awards.

Chanticleer Book Reviews is looking for the best books featuring space, time travel, life on other planets, parallel universes, alternate reality, and all the science, technology, major social or environmental changes of the future that author imaginations can dream up. Hard Science Fiction, Soft Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction, Cyberpunk, Time Travel, Genetic Modification, Aliens, Super Humans, Interplanetary Travel, and Settlers on the Galactic Frontier, Dystopian, we will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

These titles are in the running for the top  2018 CYGNUS Book Awards novel competition for Science Fiction positions! Good Luck to All!

  • Matthew D. HuntSolar Reboot
  • Sarah KatzApex Five
  • Paul A. VaseyTrinity’s Legacy
  • Catori SarmientoThe Fortune Follies
  • Stu Jones & Gareth WorthingtonIt Takes Death to Reach a Star
  • Tessa McFionnTo Discover a Divine
  • Isadora DeeseRight of Capture
  • Jim CroninRecusant
  • Lou DischlerMeet Me Under the Comet
  • Richard MannZeus 25 – Jory and Zenobia
  • Justine AveryThe One Apart: A Novel 
  • Phillip R. OnaganWithin The Gambit
  • Ryan London Pillars of the Mortal Monarchies
  • Pamela LePageVirtuous Souls
  • Denise LammiLucid World
  • Mark Daniel SeilerRiver’s Child
  • M. BlackElectric Gardens
  • Samuel WinburnTen Directions
  • Rhett C BrunoTitan’s Wrath
  • Daniel ZadowPigeon
  • KB ShawFrom the Shadows 
  • J. I. RogersThe Korpes File
  • Elizabeth Crowens – Silent Meridian, Book 1
  • Elizabeth CrowensA Pocketful of Lodestones, Book 2
  • Alexander EdlundKeelic and the Pathfinders of Midgarth
  • Ted Neill– The Selah Branch
  • Gareth WorthingtonChildren of the Fifth Sun

Congratulations to these authors for their works moving up from the 2018 CYGNUS Long List to the Short List.  These novels will now compete for the (Semi-Finalists) Positions!

The CYGNUS Short Listers will compete for the SemiFinalists positions that will compete for the CYGNUS First-In-Category Positions.  First Place Category Award winners will automatically be entered into the CYGNUS GRAND PRIZE AWARD competition.  The CBR Grand Prize Genre Winners will compete for the CIBA Overall Grand Prize for Best Book and its $1,000 purse.


John Yarrow, CYGNUS Grand Prize Award Winner for The FUTURE’S DARK PAST (2017)

James R. Wells Awarded the Cygnus Grand Prize for THE GREAT SYMMETRY (2015)

All Short Listers will receive high visibility along with special badges to wear during the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala.

Congratulations to the Short Listers in this fiercely competitive contest! 

Good Luck to each of you as your work competes in the 2018 CYGNUS International Book Awards. 






The CYGNUS Grand Prize Winner and the Five First Place Category Position award winners will be announced at the April 28th, 2019 Chanticleer Book Awards Annual Awards Gala, which takes place at the Chanticleer Authors Conference that will be held in Bellingham, Wash. 

Bennett Coles CYGNUS Grand Prize for VIRTUES of WAR (2013)


We are now accepting submissions into the 2019 CYGNUS  Awards writing competition. The deadline for submissions into the 2019 CYGNUS Book Awards is April 30th, 2019. Please click here for more information. 

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