Publisher: Sonrise Publishing (2018)
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In this highly detailed and illustrated work, Pastor Gary W. Driver demonstrates a genuine zeal and unwavering respect for scientific knowledge, while holding to his conviction that, contrary to the opinion of many scientists, God cannot be left out of the picture when considering how the universe began, how it is sustained and how it might someday end.

Driver quotes Einstein to support his ideas: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” [Albert Einstein“Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium”, 1941]

Starting with the premise that the biblical account of creation needed science to develop to the point that it could be accurately understood, Driver cites the Big Bang Theory as supporting the story in Genesis that God simply created all that was, from nothing. To make everything from nothing requires a plan and a plan requires a planner. According to Driver, Edwin Hubble revealed the profound vastness of the universe and the inability for humankind to count the stars (both truths, the vastness of the universe and the number of stars, are stressed in the Christian Bible.) Similarly, he notes that the Bible describes space as a fabric. Scientists also use that metaphor to explain three-dimensional space.

Driver suggests that the “days” of creation described in the Bible are symbolic and that any one of those days could have lasted eons. He goes into detail propounding his ideas of the geologic and anthropological happenings of each “day.” He does not shy away from tackling the concept of evolution, seeing earlier humanoid life forms as simpler versions of human beings. He posits that on the seventh day, God’s work was complete, and we continue to live in that day, experiencing the challenges of ecological change and the natural working of the law of entropy. He views God as the sustainer, who will in His own time see to the creation of a new heaven and earth, already part of the divine blueprint.

Driver writes in a conversational yet thoughtful and organized manner, using charts, photos and numerous quotations from the Bible and the annals of science to support his theories. His arguments for God’s hand in creation bear weight because his research and studious attention to many arcane scientific facts go further than many standard treatments of this subject. He has labored diligently to confront and answer most of the arguments that scientists, naturalists or skeptics might produce.

God Answers Science! is an engaging treatise on the role of religion in the cosmos; it has the potential to solidify the beliefs of the author’s religious cohort, while perhaps changing the views of those with a more secular mindset.