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Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019, is the Lunar New Year that

Celebrates the Year of the Pig! 

The Year of the Pig is believed to be a time of simple pleasures and new friendships while older friendships will flourish. The Year of the Pig is a good year for contemplation and introspection and then to use these experiences to discover and explore new areas of our lives.

The Chinese New Year Festival is celebrated from February 5th (New Moon) for 15 days until February 19, 2019 (Full Moon).

Lucky Colors for the Year of the Pig are  Red, Orange, Pink, along with White and Gold.

Below are Chinese Horoscope forecasts for those who live the Writing Life

Note from Kiffer Brown:  Chanticleer believes that we each make our own destiny by being optimistic and positive, being kind and loving, by dreaming and inspiring, being bold and doing, by appreciating and being grateful, and by expanding our awareness of the Universe. Enjoy and have fun!


If your sign is a Pig (kind, friendly, and curious):

Focus on the networking aspect of your writing career. Working with experts will benefit your writing career. Surround yourself with authors from whom you can learn. Be physically active to spark creativity. Try writing in sunny places. To earn income, you must work hard, but your hard work will pay off with dividends and bonuses. You will find new plots and twists to add to your works. Be sure to participate in social gatherings that are associated with the publishing world and use these times to network.

If your sign is a Rat (amiable and creative):

Now is the time to make connections with top authors who may benefit your writing career in the future. Begin this with interacting with them in social media. Support and strengthen relationships with these potential allies. Work well with them, appreciate them. Do not consider them competition. Attend social events, renew your interest in local writing clubs and organizations. Connecting with nature by taking daily walks will be advantageous. Be sure to stay hydrated while you work.

If your sign is an Ox (leaders and loyal friends)

This will be a time of renewal and strength for you. Do you have a work that you would like to resurrect and continue to work on? This will be the year to do it. Try new opportunities and places to sell your books. Are there selling platforms that you have been interested in trying? This is the year to do it! There are other places to sell your work other than bookstores. While finding new venues to promote your works may be difficult, they will be rewarding. You may not be interested in joining social scenes and going to others book signings and events, but you should!

If your sign is a Tiger (passionate and have courage)

Choosing the right people for your writing groups, critique groups, and promotions will be integral to the success of your writing career this year. This is a year not to neglect family and your significant other so you can write. Try to avoid sitting for too long this year. Get out outside (with those family members or your significant other) whether it walking, bird watching, gardening, or hiking. You will find advice and support when you need it.


If your sign is a Rabbit (friendly and possessing great common sense):

Try not to make everything perfect—how many times have you re-edited that sentence? Ask for advice from more experienced authors. Don’t be too stubborn to ask for help. Being alert and willing to move forward on your work-in-progress will increase your opportunities to be successful as a writer. This will be a great year to make new friends. Try to find creative outlets (outside of writing) to relieve stress and tension in your life—perhaps painting, woodworking, music?

If your sign is a Dragon (passionate and quickwitted)

Increasing pressure and deadlines will help you have a productive year and stay on target for your goals. Don’t lose sight of them. It will be a busy year so be sure to pace yourself. Be practical and rational in your planning and decision making this year. Try to keep an even keel and try not to become easily upset or agitated. Find a hobby that you find calming and pursue it—perhaps yoga or Tai Chi? Also, good deeds and charitable actions will ensure that good fortune continues. Don’t forget to reciprocate your fellow authors with reviews and positive promotion of their works.

If your sign is a Snake (wise and almost mystical):

There will be many opportunities for you to progress in your writing career this year, but not without challenges. You may want to consider reorganizing your work area and methods. Stay on track with your work-in-progress. You may find yourself being sensitive to the remarks of your writing/ critique partners. However, you can get through conflicts with openness, honesty, and charm. Don’t let small edits or critiques frustrate you. Make sure that you get enough sleep. Be sure to take breaks throughout the day especially if you feeling exhausted.

If your sign is a Horse (independent and high-spirited):

You will work hard this year, but your efforts will not go unrewarded or unnoticed. Do not hesitate to ask for help or advice from your fellow writers, readers, and mentors. Organization and timing will create opportunities for success. Satisfaction from a job well done is what motivates you—not wealth and fame. Writer’s block can be subdued by changing the locations of where you write. You are capable of working on several works-in-progress at a time. If you remain passionate and dedicated, you are sure to achieve your writing goals. Be aware of distractions from writing partners, but remember that they are there for support, but you must not lose focus.

If your sign is a Goat  (artistic and compassionate):

You are naturally hardworking and steadfast. This is the year to see your work-in-progress through—perhaps consider serializing it?  But make sure that your heart is in the story. Make no mistake, you will be putting a lot of time and effort into your work, but you will be appropriately rewarded. You are known for being a quiet observer of human nature which shows in your writing. However you may find it difficult to write conflict scenes, but you can do it. You just have to raise the stakes. You tend to be hard on yourself. Try to be kind to yourself as you are to others.

If your sign is a Monkey (confident and innovative) :

This year you must be proactive in your writing. Do not wait for the muse to come to you. You must write and focus on writing whether or not you are in the mood. Your diligence will be rewarded. Just be patient and do not procrastinate and your writing career will benefit this year. You tend to be competitive in just about anything that you do. However, you view everyone as a teacher and can always learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Be sure to stretch frequently as you write and make sure that schedule allows for enough sleep (because of your social demands, which you thrive on.)


If your sign is a Rooster (progressive thinkers and doers and unafraid to be different):

You are serious about your work and straightforward in your actions. It probably is unnecessary to advise focusing on your writing goals and projects or to tell you to diligently plan for your goals because you already are. However, remind yourself to be optimistic along with seeing and expecting the best of yourself and others will attract positive energy to you. Projects that allow you to express yourself creatively will bring about the most success for you emotionally and financially even though you are considered to be a logical and rational thinker. You are a perfectionist, but no matter how difficult something is, you will not give up. That being said, you would benefit from yoga and other stress reducers. Try to replace bad habits with good habits as far as diet and exercise go.

If your sign is a Dog (honest, loyal, and hardworking):

This year you will find to be cheerful and of good fortune more so than last year. It is a good time to learn or research a new topic that you want to write about. Also, a good time to pick up new skills for promoting your writing career. It is a time for fresh starts. Try to be a bit more carefree and not to worry so much. Try to have balance in your writing life and other areas. Take time to pamper yourself. You will see many opportunities coming your way. Creativity will be at a high point. You will need passion, drive, and confidence. Don’t be worried and anxious.  Your past support of other writers will serve you well in your future endeavors.

Are You Wondering How to Determine Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Use the handy table below to find your birth year.


We hope that you enjoyed this fun blog post that is meant as a way of thinking about new perspectives. 

Chanticleer believes that we each make our own destiny by being optimistic and positive, being kind and loving, by dreaming and inspiring, being bold and doing, by appreciating and being grateful, and by expanding our awareness of the Universe.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019! – Year of the Pig!

The Chanticleer Reviews Team